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Lalani Hawaiian Village presentation by Mossman family Aug 9

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Otto posted on Sat, Jun 8, 2019 5:57 PM

Lalani Hawaiian Village was a precursor AND INSPIRATION to Don the Beachcomber's International Marketplace

It is rarely discussed how influential it was to the Tiki movement but that will soon change! (Lalani Hawaiian Village is not listed in Locating Tiki)

At Tiki Oasis on Friday, August 9 at 10am
Members of the Mossman family will share their family history focusing on Lalani Hawaiian Village
(You do not need to buy a pass to the event in order to attend this historical event)
But once you are there you will probably want to stay so go get tickets here:

Honorable Randy Avon, his sister, and his brother in law are doing this:
"showcasing Lalani Hawaiian Village, and our Hawai’i relatives including Don Ho, Sterling Mossman, Former Justice and OHA Board member Boyd Mossman, first Cousin, Kimo Kahoano, and of course the “Face of Hawaii”, our mom Pualani Mossman.

They will see a dozen different full page ads (Life/Look/National Geographic and more of my Mom when she was the Original poster girl for the Matson Line, Featured Star at The Hawaiian Room at the Lexington Hotel in NYC, Broadway Star who appeared in Walter Winchell’s column dozens of times, the star of the first color movie made in Hawaii, her image used by GAP in two clothing lines, Co-Chair of the Hawaii Statehood Committee, Honored by the Royal Hawaiian as their solo hula dancer of the Century at their 50th Anniversary, was the motivation for the song written by Alex Anderson in 1940 (Lovely Hula Hands) and Honored by the Hawaii Legislature at the Millennium as “The Face of Hawaii” of the Century. (There’s more as your attendees will see in person). ?

My Sister and her husband just finished a full presentation with a movie production company that is interested in doing a movie on our Mom."

During the past year, we have had meetings in Honolulu, San Diego, San Juan Puerto Rico, New York, and Melbourne with authors, historians, television executives, publishers, financial supporters, Lee Garen (international radio executive), Lifetime members of the Florida Hawaiian Civic Association, DeSoto Brown (Bishop Estate), the Mai Kai, researchers, current and former leaders of the Hawai’i Legislature, the Hawaiian Room at the Lexington Hotel, Otto von Stroheim (Tiki Oasis), the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, A top executive at Matson Steamship Line, Disney world, Kimo Hanoano, Don Ho’s widow- Haumea, George Kahumoku Jr., Senator Brickwood Galuteria, Hin. Jerry Chang and movie producers and executives.

Yesterday these efforts took a giant step forward when many of the above gathered at an event hosted by my Sister Leilani Longbons, her son Tracy, and husband Phil hosted an event to showcase Mom’s 90 year history of being “The Face of Hawaii” per the Hawai’i Legislature and the Honolulu Star Bulletin/Advertiser.

This was discussed by Swanky at Hukilau a few years ago but the links in the posting below are broken

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