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New Tiki Style Book by Taschen???

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I was shopping on Barnes and Noble.com tonight and found a listing for a book named "Tiki Style".

The authors were listed as "Taschen Staff". There is no picture of the book and it states that the book was released July 2003 (brand new)

Its not expensive ($18) and has 288 pages.

Anyone seen this book yet? Sven?

Wanted feedback before buying it.


I may have answered my own question.

I checked the Taschen website and found no book listed as "Tiki Style" but found it very coincidental that "The Book of Tiki" is also the same 288 pages in length and was just reissued as of July 2003.

It sounds like this might be Svens reprint.

Did I already miss this conversation?

Yep, right here:


I have to apologize for my publisher's confusing wording, it is the BOT softcover edition.

Pages: 1 2 replies