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Tikifying my living room

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So the world's littlest tiki room (the closet-size space that holds my mugs, ceramic jungle cats, fish float lamp, Mai-Kai poster etc.) is going away...

...because I bought a beautiful 6-band rattan sofa, chairs (pretzel arms!), coffee table, and ottoman.

So my living room is going to become my tiki room, and the tiki roomlet is going to house most of my vintage Disneyland/Haunted Mansion stuff.

While I work out paint colors and wait for the upholsterer to finish my new (tropical barkcloth, of course) cushions, here's my new furniture. (Can somebody please help me fix the orientation?)

And yes, I have plans for that vintage television.


Open up the picture in Paint and reduce the size to 90 percent. That should do it.



NICE vintage rattan set (-:

Nice Score!

Oh, wow. I am so envious! That is a great set you have there!


I love that table.
We have a 9 piece set of that style that is a bit more on the yellow golden color.

To get them reupholstered cost more than the whole set and took about a year to get the guy to finish the job.

Good luck with your space.


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