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Last summer (2018) I spent most of the summer converting a 23 year old 10x10 garden shed into a backyard sanctuary. In the humble little town of Edmonds, Washington. Sneaki Tiki Bar

Where I started

Where I am so far


[Summer of 2018 - getting started]

Painted the walls and floors with primer and in some cases with an "odor trapping" primer as well

Hunting for supplies to get this shed off the ground
Wiring it to code was important for me

Found this great antique window, Bamboo, reclaimed cedar (and other goodies) at Second Use (Seattle / Tacoma)

Painted along with antique window installed

Putting in the flooring - bamboo hardwood floor

Setting up the flagstone front step and door handles

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[Place Holder 2]


[Place Holder 3]


[Place Holder 4]


[Place Holder 5]

It looks much bigger than 10x10 in that 2nd picture

Good job

Hamo posted on Mon, Jul 22, 2019 7:59 PM

Great to see your bar on TC. I've been enjoying all the videos you and Ray have been doing, too.

The mermaid looks cool. How big is she?


Your space is awesome! Would love to see some more photos of the inside!


On 2019-07-26 11:05, jimsflies wrote:
The mermaid looks cool. How big is she?

The mermaid is about 4 feet in length and is likely an Alfco from the 1960-1970's

Nice! Seeing the mannequin in the van, I thought maybe you made the mermaid. Not a bad idea though to use a female mannequin torso to make a mermaid. Hmmm...

I'm digging it so far! :)

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