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Sacramento Home Tiki Bar Crawl 2019

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Aloha Ohana! The annual Sacramento Home Tiki Bar Crawl is happening the first weekend in October 4-6. Watch this Facebook page for info: https://www.facebook.com/SacTikiCrawl/. Would love to see your happy faces and stuff luscious rum concoctions into them.

Hi Brenda, I've added your message to the first page of my posts of making the crawl mug. Thank you that really helped. Wendy

This is going to be another wonderful crawl. Wendy

The Sacramento Crawl 2019 is gearing up to start on October 4th, 5th and 6th. If you are attending and
picking up your mug at the event then it's time to send me $90 via Paypal. uSE THE MONEY TO FAMILY AND
FRIENDS option. My account is at my email. If you don't have it then please send me a Personal Message
and I will get it to you.

I hope you can all come and have some Ohana Love, Wendy

The Sac Ohana Tiki Crawl 2019 starts today!!!

We have loaded the truck.

I moved all the boxes of mugs near the front door. They are lined up in order for loading into the truck.
Behind them is my MadDogMike photographic area. I call it that because he gave it to me as a gift. Dan
went by himself to buy the black velvet for me many years ago. All good memories.

Dan figured out to bring in the gardening wheelbarrow to haul them in mass.

We backed the truck up on the lawn. This past year we traded tiki sales money to get a new Toyota Tacoma. Last year we did the same thing and got a Toyota Camry. We had no idea that our tiki collection was also a retirement account!

My job was to put all the mugs in order so I can find them easily for handing them out at the crawl. This is the same truck kind of truck that Thor took to Tiki Oasis and had stolen. I am staying with the truck a lot of the time during the crawl but it also has a very loud alarm system.

Whylee Raven and Eva are doing all the cooking for their spot on Sunday. I contributed money but I needed to also bring something so I made big bowls of Chinese crackers, nuts and popcorn for those who like to munch!

I wish you could all come to the crawl. I will try to get some good photos to share. Boy am I behind in posting.

Cheers, Wendy

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