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Howzit, Bruddahs 'an Sistahs! Chefgrey2 here...haven't checked in for months...my update...My restaurant consulting gig in NC is just about over in a month...I'll be getting married on Nov. 1rst...honeymooning 1 week on Oahu, 1 week in Maui (Hey, Gecko...lemme know wen we talk story La Mariana, eh? I'll be ovah deah on O'ahu Nov.3 tru da 9th,). After Thanksgiving I'll be moving to Chicago to talk to the banks about opening up my tiki joint.... So, Aloha to everyone I haven't talked to in a while...James T....Good book, dude...I couldn't wait for it in the dollar bin, (lol), so I forked over full price and have actually used it quite a bit...I've got a one day layover in Oakland each way going to Oakland so I can check out TV's Emeryville and the Tonga Room...the best part is...I can write off my honeymoon as a business expense for the tiki bar! Mahalo, Grey

Welcome back Cheff and congrata.

GECKO posted on Tue, Sep 2, 2003 11:58 PM

eh Howzit Chef, welcome back cuz! now get back to work on dat tiki bar!!



Aloha, chikitiki,...Gecko...Mahaloz for the warm alohas...so, what have I missed? Gecko, you up fo getting togeddah? Damn, we got a lot more members....hey, I reckon quality attracts quality, eh? Good to be back....More news as it happens..

Grey... let me know when you get to Chicago... we need to talk tikis...

I have the connection now to get good trees in all sizes and my carving is up to par... I would like to help and do business in anyway I can with your tiki bar...



Lake surfer...will do! Love to see what kinda talent there is in Chicago...I must definitely say I've come across a lot of aloha from the upper midwest...who knew?...Can't wait

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