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Tiki Oasis 2019 Room Parties

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I am posting some of the Tiki Oasis 2019 Room Party flyers that I have seen...

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This just in!!

Welcome To The Jungle Room Party is in Room # 1538

If anybody gets info regarding room numbers for room parties, please feel free to post them!! Mahalo!!

Latest and greatest. ....this will be a fun party!!!

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Hamo posted on Sun, Aug 11, 2019 5:10 PM

Hope everybody had a great time and you post pics here....

Congratulations to The 2019 Tiki Oasis Room Party Winners:

Totally Awesome Suite Party: I Love The 80's
Totally Awesome Room Party: MTiki
Totally Awesome Suite Décor: The Dark Wave
Totally Awesome Room Décor: Welcome To The Jungle
Totally Awesome Cocktail: The Dark Wave
The Judge's Choice: I Love The 80's

Thank you to all the judges!!

Thanks for all the updates, PineappleWhip. I didn't get any pictures of any, but the Ride the Dark Wave room was an impressive one. Just too crowded for me to last too long.

I enjoyed Grass Skirt's room too - largely Thanks to them letting us in early! Ha.
The crowds and lines for these things have really become unbelievable.

Hamo posted on Tue, Aug 13, 2019 9:28 PM

That elevator party must have been something....

I'm sure it was lots better than being stuck for 1/2 an hour in the other elevator!

I did miss finding the Creepy Creeps in there, though.

Bamalamalu: I was happy to post. I wanted to make sure it was ok with woohoowahine, cause I know she typically does these updates. I didn't want to overstep. It was fun. Luckily a friend has facebook and was sending me the party flyers as they came thru.

I was in the elevator during the Up and Down Club morning edition with Bloody Marys. So much fun !!

Frankly, I'm surprised that the elevators haven't been stuck before (maybe they have?) they get a lot of use during Tiki Oasis.

I think there's least one elevator out of order at some point every year; I feel like I remember one being out of commission for at least a couple days last year?? This year I actually know someone who got stuck, so it was a more personal reminder to take the stairs!

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