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Esquivel 100 in Morelos!

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If you're around, drop by! It's a retrospective of Esquivel's career featuring material from the 1940s through 1980; that is, beginning in his early days as bandleader/composer/arranger for the great vocal soloists of Mexico, including his later material, the Space Age Bachelor Pad sounds, and finally, Burbujas!

Fabulous! I wish I could be there!

(P.S. I thought Esquivel was born in Jan 1918. Perhaps they're running a bit late with their 100th anniversary tribute?)

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You're right about that, I did this for last year, intending initially to have the concert be in January so that it could be a proper birthday celebration, but it didn't happen until July.

Since the whole program is collectively titled Esquivel 100, I guess they are sticking with the 100th birthday theme.

I wish you could make it too! Professahummingflowah is looking into coming, as is Tabuzak!!

Well, it was a great concert last Friday, in attendance were Professah Humming Flower and Tabuzak! The Professah joined us for Boulevard of Broken Dreams!!

Also in attendance was Mario Esquivel, Juan García Esquivel's son!!!

Here's a link to a video from the show:


Here's another one, a lovely bolero originally sung by María Victoria, arranged by Esquivel, Mil Besos:


I'll leave you another from the 1940s, when Esquivel was composing and arranging for his own orchestra here in México, backing up the most popular voices of the day. It's a lovely bolero he composed, originally sung by Pedro Vargas, here rendered by a young tenor with a bright future, Obed Calixto. Acapulco!!


In case anyone was wondering, "did they play Mini Skirt," yes, we did! In fact, this is an expanded version, for the whole orchestra.



And I'll leave you one last one, Granada, a composition from the hand of Agustín Lara, a great composer from here, Veracruz. He's like the Cole Porter of Veracruz, if you will. Anyway, this is a great arrangement by Esquivel, and the pianist, Roberto Verastegui, gives a fantastic performance. Enjoy!



Just watched the videos. What a great show!!!! Thanks for sharing.


Glad you liked it! Thanks for checking it out.

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