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Creating tiki from scratch

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I had an idea recently of going out into the wild with no tools/equipment with the end goal being to carve a tiki. Does anyone have experience with something like this?


How are you going to carve it with no tools or equipment? Psychokinesis?

I would first learn how to make stone age tools since that's what the Polynesian's used.


I suppose if one had the right location, maybe a beach with plenty of driftwood, shells and possibly rocks to use as tools, you could make some crude tikis in an afternoon.

If you were camping out somewhere and could source/make the tools and then also find good carving material you might be able to do better.

It might actually be fun to try (once). But I'm confident that if the polynesians had chainsaws and angle grinders, they would have used them too. That said, the detail and polish they achieved without the aid of modern tools is rather impressive.

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