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New house, no screwing around.
Hopefully it won't take me a decade to start posting some After pictures.

Go bamalamalu!

That space is HUGE! Can't wait to see what you do with it.


You are going to need a lot of bamboo and tapa to cover that Grandfather clock with.
Congratz on the new house.
Good luck.

Very nice Amy. Congrats to you and Ted.

Btw, I really like the two windows in the corner. Ted can give me the Hi-sign from either one

A summer cliff hanger!!! OK, we will keep on pins and needles until you start the rest of the story. Wendy

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! It'll be a while before there are any meaningful updates (don't hold your breath!) But we do have real plans this time.

It's the main living space in house, so it will have the TV in there and other stuff going on. But we're just going to go for it and deck the whole room out as much as possible. Still waiting for our old house to sell, so limited on cash flow until that happens. But we've already talked with some friends with good home bar building experience, and of course getting lots of ideas here, after all these years of enviously viewing everyone else's photos. There are a lot of windows, which may be another challenge, but we have a really nice view, so not a bad thing. Planning to carry everything over into most of the house and outside. Got a bamboo table for the dining room and leopard print carpet for upstairs. I think it's really gonna be fun when it all starts coming together.

We did get the previous owners to take the grandfather clock - that spot is now filled by a big bookcase full of rum. So there's been some improvement :) (Much to my chagrin, they also took the Starburst dinnerware from the kitchen.)

Ha ha, Nui! Can't wait to show that to Ted (I can almost hear him groaning now!)

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