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Favorite Exotica (or otherwise) Streams

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I'm quite proud of my vinyl collection, but if I'm trying to get the family dinner on the table or just exhausted after work, then I do like the surprises and hands-free convenience of a digital music stream.

I have been enjoying the "Lounge Exotica" station on Google Play. Good mix of Martin Dennyesque exotica, tropicalia and more obscure lounge (Ferrante and Teicher!!) etc. Overall I have been impressed with the radio stations curated by Google Play, I listen to a really wide variety of music and their stations rarely disappoint. I think you have to pay for albums but radio is free.

Post up your favorites!

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I have two online radio stations that some may enjoy. They are just hobbies, I do them for fun and make no money from them, the music is all from my personal vinyl collection.

"Moody Mood Music" Classic elevator, shopping mall music from the 1950s-70s. (I just finished uploading selections from a a five LP Ferrante & Teicher box set)

"Hawaiian Hi-Fi" A blend of easy listening Hawaiian and exotica music from my collection of 2,500 LPs

Hamo posted on Tue, Sep 3, 2019 9:51 PM

Well, I regularly listen to and love Digitiki's Quiet Village Radio:


Not a continuous stream but more like a finite program that has to be streamed, I find Exotica Tropicana to be enjoyable:


Great recommendations! Now I need to build another tiki bar for maximum enjoyment...


Quiet. Village Radio streams exotica 24/7. Can be accessed from DigiTiki.com or through Apple Music or tunein radio and any number of services. Tell Siri or Alexa to “play quiet village radio” and they will happily comply.

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