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Tonga Hut's Bus Trip to Tiki-KO!

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Join the Tonga Hut Crew on a Thrilling Tiki Adventure as we set off across the Badlands of California on a trek North to the fabled Tiki-Ko Tiki Bar in Bakersfield Ca.!
We will start our expedition north from the Tonga Hut in No. Hollywood on Saturday at 12 Noon traveling in air conditioned charter bus splendor while sipping on Tonga Hut cocktails arriving in Bakersfield for a lunch date and then over to the Tiki-Ko where we will enjoy our VIP guest status for the long awaited meeting of the Tonga Hut and Tiki-Ko Bartenders! Both bars will be behind the stick mixing up some unique Tiki collaborations not to be missed! After an evening of fun we will arrive back at the Tonga Hut that night at 10pm. Very Limited Seating. 21 and Over Only.
Tickets $65 On Sale at the Bar or on the FB Event Page:

Who's been to Tiki-Ko before? Which of their signature drinks would you recommend?

all of the bartenders are good but Bennie makes a killer Saturn (gin based).

Oohhhh!!!! Awesome!! I love a good Saturn. Thanks for the tip :wink:

Bennie had a shift that started right before the bus took off.....but....he made one of his Saturns, just before we left. It is absolutely delicious !!! Good call. Thank you !!

Tiki-Ko is a great place, everyone had a wonderful time.

Thank you Tiki-Ko !!!!

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