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Turns out, SpongeBob SquarePants is racist against Pacific Islanders

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Oh, Lordy.

Professor claims SpongeBob perpetuates a legacy of violence against the indigenous people of the Pacific

"[Professor Holly] Barker is also concerned with the "cultural appropriation of iconic Pacific Island representations" supposedly evident within Bikini Bottom's "token objectification of Oceania," taking particular issue with "buildings shaped like pineapples, Easter Island statues, and tikis." She also laments the "Hawaiian-shirt motifs" and sounds of steel guitar that are common themes on the children's show."

Heath posted on Sun, Oct 13, 2019 6:13 PM


I would love to see her notes and how she makes the case for this.

Puts me in mind of the movie PCU.

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But, somehow, I always assumed Spongebob and the residents of Bikini Bottom WERE under-the-sea Pacific Islanders.

Cammo posted on Mon, Oct 14, 2019 9:06 PM

Just ignore her. She's a professor; all she wants is your attention.


Sounds fishy.
We need to get to the Bikini Bottom of this.

You know somebody was talking about how racist the old shows in the 70s were and as we talked about it we remembered the white cop on Sanford and Son Was an idiot (my dad loved that show) The white guy on The Jefferson's was a idiot.

Angel on Beretta was a goofy dork while Sugar bear was cool.

Archie Bunker was stupid, The smart level headed guy on Hogan's Hero's was the black guy.
Bill Cosby, doctor, wife Lawyer.

You never see Charlie Chan on TV anymore I'm sure because of it's non pc ways.
But heck I bet the few Asian actors relatives would want to see their dead relative actors on TV again.

Almost all the white people on the Simpsons are total idiots, I like the Simpsons by the way.

In fact most of the TV commercial's today if they have a white man in them he's is the screw up, dork, idiot.

Heck we never thought about it when we were young.

Now in the 1940s and before there was more racist stuff for sure.

Too bad we are getting so divided these days and it looks like it will only get worse as we move ahead.

You can type into google just about any noun followed by the word "racist" and find that some "professor" or "journalist"(aka blogger/activist) has written a long winded essay that proves nothing except that the demand for racism in 2019 heavily outweighs the supply.
It's also why these same people have modified the definition of "racist" to include just about everything that doesn't fall in line with Leftist/PC ideology.
And if it dares to oppose their view...it's demonized as "literally Hitler".

Try google searching "peanut butter and jelly sandwich racist" for example.
Try anything...
It's hilarious. And scary.

I guess we can add Spongebob Squarepants to the ever growing list of forbidden taboo that must atone for its sins.

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I typed in "kill whiteflies"
And "Kill Haole Day" came up, That was over a year ago.
We knew a guy who grew up in Hawaii and he lived with it not being Hawaiian.

I was just trying to save my tomato plants from whiteflies.


Just so you know the person that's referred as a professor isn't... she's a lecturer.


"she's a lecturer."

Ha! yes she is.

"SpongeBob’s presence on Bikini Bottom continues the violent and racist expulsion of Indigenous peoples from their lands (and in this case their cosmos) that enables U.S. hegemonic powers to extend their military and colonial interests in the postwar era,”

“We should be uncomfortable with a hamburger-loving American community’s occupation of Bikini’s lagoon and the ways that it erodes every aspect of sovereignty.”

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. How did this article get published? Where to begin... Yes, there were violent and racist expulsions of indigenous Pacific Islanders and yes there are still colonial and military powers acting on Pacific Islands. BUT I DON'T SEE ANY OF THAT IN "SPONGE BOB"! Does anybody see that! Like Kaiwaza said, these creature/characters are as much native to the Pacific as any human. THERE IS NO OCCUPATION! Occupation denotes an outside force BUT THESE ARE LOCALS - NATIVE BORN BEFORE WHITE MAN SO-CALLED DISCOVERED THE PACIFIC. Leave the little ocean creatures alone - should I call PETA on you. Besides the creatures of Bikini bottom had no options, they weren't moved - just nuked - dead.

Ok, there is some Western economic activity down on the bottom and labor exploitation (don't know if she covers that aspect in the full article) but the exploiting ISN'T RACE BASED! And do your research those are not hamburgers (a symbol of America) but Krabby Patties. An indigenous food (crab meat) found though out the Pacific. I know she was desperately trying to tie the two together - America and the Bikini bottom.

I have got to admit there are some misrepresentation with the Pineapple (from Southeast Asia) and Moai (from over 6,000 miles in another part of the Pacific}, but what's wrong with Aloha shirts! A fashion "export" of Hawai'i that helps it's economy. I wear them all the time, and so does Chip (or is it Dale), Woody, Shaggy, my favorite, Archer and many other real life Americans.......oh ya, this isn't real life it's just a CARTOON! As a Pacific Islander internally and eternally saddened by the occupation of my ancestor's islands by outsiders, I have a better say about this then any outsider who wants to see his or her name on print.

I figure, like many others, and the author admits this, that original intent of the writers of Sponge Bob were not out to colonized the Bikini Islands. So leave them alone. They just thought of a clever way to use the term bikini bottom as a location. I admit I had apprehension when I first turned on the TV for my kids to watch Sponge Bob of the Bikini Bottom, thinking of all the Bikini Islanders who lost their islands and where displaced. Good time to have a teaching moment with the kids. THAT'S ALL THIS AUTHOR HAD TO SAY! STOP WITH THE B.S.!

Boy, I am having fun with this. Check out the Pics below:

P.S. Look what was just announced the other day: https://wdwnt.com/2019/10/photos-new-chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-hawaiian-shirt-surfs-into-disney-parks/

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Ah yes, those perpetually offended who rail against "cultural appropriation".

Truly I wonder what such snowflakes eat when going out to dine? Strictly adhere to cuisine only from their own race? No Italian, Greek, Japanese, Indonesian, French etc. if they happen to be white Anglo-Saxon? Indeed, no rice or tomatoes! How very boring, but I suspect that cultural appropriation stops when they want to eat.

I once had an over-wrought female try to take me try to task over a wobbling hula dancer I used to have on my dashboard. After patiently listening to her rant I pointed out to her that I bought it from a tiny roadside stall run by a Polynesian woman, who was running her small business trying to support her family.

I also had the temerity to point out to her that she herself would appear to be wearing "white woman" hair, which would seem somewhat incongruous with her obvious ethnicity. She suddenly fell silent for some reason.

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