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Bamboo Hut, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (bar)

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Name:Bamboo Hut, San Francisco
Street:479 Broadway St.
City:San Francisco
Phone:(415) 989-8555

North Beach Tiki Bar with sports/dive leanings. Opened originally 1999. Re-Opened after refurb 2019.

(I used the search and couldn't find a previous location thread for this place)

The Bamboo Hut is back!

Closed for more than year, this North Beach dive bar with tiki leanings has finally reopened. The decor has been refreshed with clean lines, with less of a “neon beer sign” vibe and with a more upscale cocktail menu. No more “parrot head” decor either. Only two bras hanging from the bar, a departure from their earlier aesthetic. I first visited years ago when they opened in the late 1990s, but even after the refresh it does feel more like that sort of tiki place rather than the craft-inspired and high-art tiki bars of recent vintage in the Bay Area. But the place was packed on a Friday night so let’s give it a try.

Something was off, way off, with my Mai Tai. I saw them pour in the Plantation 5 year and Real McCoy rums. I saw them pour in the Ferrand Dry Curacao. These are high quality ingredients that normally make for a good Mai Tai. But there was a very funny taste. So it was either the lime juice or more likely the Orgeat. Very disappointing.

The Business with Pleasure cocktail made with Gin, Pineapple, and Lemon was also a mixed bag. One in our party thought it was bland, whereas I thought it was light and refreshing. The Manhattan that was ordered was deemed “fine,” which is about what you’d expect in a tiki leaning dive bar.

Their tiki head remains a focal point and a feature worth visiting for. If you’re in North Beach you could do worse. (Hawaii West)

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3zrU_4A-2k/

Ah, the good ol' Bamboo Hut...the only tiki bar that has wanted to book me to play house music... :lol:

I was going to give it a try one of these days anyway, but, good to know that Bamboo Hut is getting more Tiki and less dive.

I seem to always go to Smuggler’s Cove...finally got thru the Disciple Stage...and a long way off the Voyager....I have the OLD card...lol

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