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Outdoor Bar Top Sealant

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Thinking way ahead here about the Bar top on my Tiki Bar Build. I want to embed small nautical objects (no more than 3/4" high) in a thick layering of ??? product. I've found:

https://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=336377&familyName=TotalBoat+ThickSet+Clear+Casting+Epoxy+Kits and was recommend some type of Polyurethane UV protector???

Any recommendations here? Bar faces South. 5 to 6 hours of Sun each morning. Obvious concern for yellowing, long term. Maybe just a Tarp cover or something?

Thank you.

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Epoxy is definitely the way to go if you need thickness to embed objects in, although I shudder to think at how much resin it will require to get above that 3/4" height.

Sandbartender is spot on and I agree - that will be one hell of a pour for 3/4" thickness across an entire bar top!

Instead of 3/4 inch pour, maybe you can router some divots into the bar top to sink the objects down into?


How could you tell this is my first project? Yeah, 9 gals just for the front 9' bar top. 1/8" at a layer = 6 layers. So, no 3/4". Time to re-figure. Lots of that going on around here.

Any suggestions on UV blocking coatings?


I was going to make the same suggestion as MadDogMike, about setting items into the bar so the layer isn't so thick. 3/4" seems really really thick.

As someone who has done resin twice now (I think that qualifies me as a pro), a bit of advice: Follow the directions exactly. Have a small torch (baking torch) handy to get rid of the bubbles that will arise.

I did a little epoxy project recently and used a handheld propane touch. It is AMAZING how clear the epoxy get when you brush it with the torch!


Yeah, 3/4" isn't going to work. I'll stick with 1/8" and just find flatter stuff for the look.



I can't router the top. Got an idea for a cover. Think I've found the epoxy and acrylic PolyUV Plus as a "clearcoat" UV blocker I can live with.

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