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Kahuna Grill, Goleta, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Kahuna Grill
Street:7010 Market Place Drive
Phone:805 685 3711

This place is killer! It is primarily a retro surf joint, that has a few tikis. The surf artifacts are real, and come from the owners personal collection. They do have televisions that are constantly playing 1960's and 70's surf films, which I think is cool. This place reminds me of the good old days! The food is great, my favorite is the fish sandwich, which is only $5.95 and features a Mahi Mahi, home made dill tarter sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, on sourdough bread.

Firestone Ale $2.00! What more do I have to say! The Hawaiian shake with coconut, pinapple and Hawaiian punch syrup, is a great choice if your not going to be drinking. Bottom line, you can not go wrong with this place. It's do close to me, I could wobble there.



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my mouth is watering, i'm going tommorow!

Kreaky Tiki,

Thanks for the info. I've lived in SB County for 7 years, but new to Tiki. I've never heard of the Kahuna Grill, but it sounds like a place to check out next time I'm down your way.



From the Lagoon of Liquidspaceman...

I think this is the place my Uncle took my family last November. Did this place use to be a pizza parlor? And does it have tables out back with sand as the floor? And was there a fire in the kitchen awhile ago? Is the place up and running now? I really loved going there! I liked the 3D, letterbox pictures on the walls. Great place!
...Liquidspaceman, over and out


Here are some photos I took about a year ago. It's a great surf-shack burger joint with a few tikis scattered about.


Kahuna Grill has a second location now.

12 De la Guerra Place
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 965-6770

*** UPDATE ***
This second location closed October 2014. It was in the Paseo Nuevo mall in downtown Santa Barbara. The original Goleta location is still open as far as I know.

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Here's something interesting. Here's Kahuna Grill's logo tiki. It's on their web site and it's on the front cover of their menus.

And here's the tiki on the home page of City Beverage in Durham, NC (a newly added destination on Critiki).

What's going on here?

aquarj posted on Fri, Jun 8, 2012 1:23 PM

House Industries clip art that comes with their Tiki Type.

Great clip art = zazz.

That it's routinely used as a substitute for creativity = razz.


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