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Mele Kaliki Marketplace: A Quiet Village Exotic Tiki Bazaar!

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November 16, 2019. Alpine Village Restaurant, 830 W. Torrance Blvd, Torrance Ca, 12- 6pm $5 Entry, All ages.

33 Tiki Vendors! Mugs, carvings, woodcrafts, vintage fashions, collectibles, vinyl records, fine art, hairflowers, drink mix kits, recipe books, explorer ephemera, jewelry, accessories, candles....so much tiki stuff!

Two live Surf Guitar bands:

The Insect Surfers

High Tide (playing the entire Ventures Christmas album)

DJ Big Tiki Dude spinning Exotica tunes

Vendor Coordinator: Laura Harper (Rarabird/PrimitivaDiva/Tikicutie

Tiki Cocktails, full German restaurant menu, tables service, giant selection of beers, giant parking lot, lots of shopping elbow room, a stage, a dance floor....PLENTY O'FUN!

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Thanks for posting...I wouldn't have known!!


Just wanted to chime in here & say that this event was super fun & I hope they keep doing it at Alpine- its a cool venue, and right in my neck of the woods!

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Aloha! I keep meaning to come to an event at the Alpine Village. I have friends in Redondo and look forward to attending their events. Thanks for posting! :tiki: :music: :)

I just came across information about the next and final Quiet Village Exotic Tiki Bazaar to happen at Alpine Village THIS Saturday, the 14th! 12-6PM


35+ Vendors
DJ Big Tiki Dude
The Scimitars
Big Poi Combo

Come bid farewell to Alpine Village. :(

Bummer. Understandably, this event is cancelled. It will hopefully return in July at a new location.

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