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MrFab posted on Sun, Nov 10, 2019 2:44 PM

For all Los Angeles-area folk, gotta garage sale going on now. The shirt's super cool, but as it is size XXL, I've never worn it. Note that the buttons are little tikis. it's by Steady/Last Call. They sell new for $55-$60, so I'm asking $25. It's in great shape. But hey! if you can't make it to today's sale, gimme a holler, and I'll open the garage door for you whenever you can make it.

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MrFab posted on Sun, Jan 19, 2020 9:03 PM

Time to open the garage door again. Was nice to see some of you in November. Not really having an actual garage sale this time, just whoever wants to come by can go thru the craigslist email link and we can set something up:


1/20 UPDATE: some items have been sold. Below is the updated list.

  • numerous exotica records
  • "Coconut mama" $10
  • coconut cups $1 apiece
  • The Sands hotel casino Vegas coffee mug $12
  • Tiki Farm mug $25
  • Trader Vic vintage mug $10
  • Trader Sams HippopotoMai-Tai mug, Disneyland, limited edition $30
  • small wooden carved $15 apiece
  • "Kon Tiki" hardcover book from the '40s $25

See ya soon!

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