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Garden Tools / Made from Palm Fronds

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Hey guys, new member here.. New post, hope I am doing this right...

I am a California native living in the Balearics since 2014 - I work as an artist from my studio on the island, making music, paintings, sculptures, surfboards and other experimental form exploration. One thing I really like to do is work with the materials around me, ie. Field recordings / Sculptures / Prints from local stone etc.

A recent project I tasked my self with was to create organic garden tools from my palm tree fronds. I have built surfboard fins from the same material so I thought I might as well try some other useful objects... Though the wood is way to soft to be any use past a few swipes I found these objects to be memento sculptures of my time spent in my surroundings.

Here are some specs and a few pictures if you are curious! Ill be back to share some more things as well as diving in to some of these amazing posts I have been reading. I am inspired to find this site and stoked to share a bit of creative juice from a fellow exotica fan.

Es Jardi Garden Tools | Mallorca, Spain
I shaped these from a few palm fronds that had fallen - I wanted to make some tools rather than buying them. This is a form of human sustainability practice for me - finding ways to avoid industrial commerce for personal solutions is one small step forward for a better connection to our environment and self.

Note* I can see these hackers looking weapon like... Defiantly not the intention - I'm not in to violence or over protection, keys, walls etc etc. No weapon is worth bearing for protection (though I understand how some scenarios change this effect.)

Tool I - Jardi Pala aka ‘The Van Weel'
[King] Palm Frond
74 x 4.25 cm
R Handed
Single Concave to Hull to Foiled Nose
Grip Depth: 4.25 cm
4 Finger Depth: 0.25 cm

Tool II - Pasa Ge’Auda aka ‘Kipp XL'
[King] Palm Frond
23.5 x 6 cm
L Handed
Single Almond Fade to Handle Foil
Grip Depth: 5cm

Tool III - Ahiko aka 'Thick Jimmy'
[King] Palm Frond
72.5 x 6 cm
R Handed
Natural [R] Bow Curve
Single Almond Fade to Grip Lead-In Foil
4 Finger Depth: 0.25 cm

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Palm fronds are one of my faves.
They are a pleasure to carve.
I'm surprised more carvers don't carve them.

Are they decorations or usable tools?

If you scroll down on the home page you'll come to "other crafts" where you can post the steps you took from beginning to end. We all like to watch the work and to learn how you do it.

Just above that is a thread for tiki carvers. If you start to carve tikis you should post there too.

It's so much fun to post and read the occasional comment. People don't comment much so watch your number of views to see that you are being looked at. You can be very popular but never hear back. Many people don't join TC they so they can't post a comment.

Welcome I'll look forward to your next post, Wendy

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