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Next Stop: Spain and Malta

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Hi! I'm writing here to ask if someone can give me suggestions about tiki bars in Madrid and Malta.
I know the the Tiki Chateau and Mauna Loa in Madrid, but i haven´t found anything about Malta.
Also, I would be glad if I can meet some of you that live in those countries (I will bring some things from the amazon) :P.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello LaraColada,
Have you checked Critiki? I know that Critiki hasn't been updated in a while....so...it would be good to verify anything found there from another source, but, it looks like there are a few places in Madrid !! Please take pictures and share if you want. People always like looking at pictures!! :)

And if you have a Critiki account it would be great to add a current review!! The last reviews in Madrid were a while ago.

I hope you get some response from some locals.....also if you add a visit on Critiki, there could be people that are following those locations that might reply?


I already talked with, IMO, the best tiki bartender in Spain and he told me to visit more places in Barcelona, but unfortunately I can´t go there.
I will make a review for Critiki went I go back. And also recommend two of the tiki bars in Lima, Peru.

I noticed your posts about the Parrot Shadow in Lima. That’s great !!! With Humuhumu so busy these days, I think it’s great to get some location updates on Tiki Central. The Parrot Shadow looks like its a fun place :)


Tiare posted on Sat, Jan 4, 2020 3:37 PM

Hi- I was in Spain in November 2019. I only made it to the Bora-Bora. The hours were wrong online so we went on a day they were closed. I took a photo of the hours sign for when we went back. The drinks were...sort of drinkable though I went with a beer. And a little more pricey then other places. But the decor was nice and it is old. They had no mugs for sale.

Madrid was great, enjoy your trip.

I just came back from my trip.
I will post the reviews in the Locating Tiki bars I visit
Another thing you should get from Malta are these liquors that an exotic flavor excellent for tiki drinks, and you can buy them in the airport.
In Madrid, the two bars I visited were a fusion of spanish culture and tiki, but that makes then unique in their own ways.
In Malta, I couldn´t fin anything tiki related, maybe because the winter.

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