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Upcoming events in 2020 in Outside of California

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Tiki Central is a great resource but can be difficult to wade through. Because we schedule ourselves at work months in advance, I seem to miss all of the tiki events because I have no clue when they are in enough time to get them off.

If you know of or are part of a tiki event in 2020, PLEASE post it here. That way anyone curious for event dates can find them all in one spot and won't have to dig.

THANK YOU so much.


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My wife and I host Inuhele, Atlanta's Tiki Weekend . - March 6-8th


This is an event with 3 rooms of free panels and a tipsy crafting room with about half the crafts free to all attendees and half subsidized.

Guests include Sven, Typhoon Tommy, Eve Bergeron, Paul Senft, Basement Kahuna, and bands like The Mystery Men?, the Manakooras, When Ukulele's Attack?! , Big Tiki & the Mai Tais...

3 rooms of vendors from around the country, including Black Lagoon Room, Lake Tiki Woodcrafts, Derek Yaniger, Pleasant Tiki, Laura Harper, and many many more.

Special events, a luau, busses to SOS Tiki Bar and Tiki Tango, a talent show, dancing... last year was a great time and this should be much bigger, in a hotel walking distance from Trader Vics with a heated indoor pool.

Hope to meet some of you in person soon!

Awesome, Tiki-Atari. THANK YOU for the post.

The first and biggest Tiki Conference is South America is the Kontiki Lima Tiki Fest. Normally is made in November. I will make a post of the past events, so you can see what are we doing

This blog has been my go-to for events. They don't have 2020 yet but for some of annual events you can check the respective websites.

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