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The Parrot Shadow, Lima, Perú (Bar)

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Name:The Parrot Shadow
Street:Manuel Bonilla 170
State: Lima
Phone:+51 986559433

In the bohemian street of the District, we found The Parrot Shadow, a small but cozy Tiki Bar in the heart of Perú.
It was open less than a year ago, and the owner is also the organizer of the Kontiki Lima Tiki Fest.


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Thought I'd post some pics from the Facebook page for those who don't have Facebook.

This drink looks legit
Ron Abuelo Añejo, Ron Appleton Signature Blend, Licor de café Bardinet, jugo de limón (lime juice), jugo de toronja (grapefruit juice), pimiento dram. Garnished with mint, coffee beans, and cinnamon stick?

"I want you to shake the freak tree and invite anyone that drops to the ground. Dwarfs and giants, magicians, Zulu tribesmen, contortionists, fire eaters... and priests. We're going to need to confess" Freddy Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody

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