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Made of Stone, some tiki build photos

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My sister wanted something different for her yard , complete redo of her front and back with built in bar/barbecue . Tikis are mortar over wire .

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Beautiful work! Wish I still lived in SJC so I could stop over and see them in person.


Last a lot longer too.
And they look good.


Woah! Great custom job. Those tikis look fantastic.


Got any progress pics on how you made the concrete tikis?


I will post build photos at a later date. thanks for the kind words.

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Those are really fantastic! Great work


Very cool. Is there a process to getting a sculpt-able consistency to the mortar, or is it straight out of the tub?


Mortar out of the bag , it is all timing. Slowly build as it is setting up. It take me 6 to 7 hours to build, then sanding and filing to sharpen up detail and then stain . 18 to 20 hours total each . made tiny concrete tools . been at it 15 years

Found old post in tiki carving on page 13. photos have been changed some are out of order but shows some of my work. Aloha

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Awesome work Capo! I rotated your pics and cleaned up a bit.

Thats awesome! I have been wanting to make some for our front yard. Congrats on your project!


Mad Dog Mike thank you for the help .

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