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uncle trav expedition rapa nui april 2020

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The lure of the mystery and culture of Rapa Nui has had a tight hold on me for as long as I can remember. I finally have the chance of a lifetime to experience a place I have only read about and literally dreamed about. All the plans are confirmed and my compass is firmly fixed on a tiny island in the Pacific who’s mystique and culture far outstretched it’s geographic size. I can hardly wait until April for the adventure to begin.

You will LOVE it!!

Where are you staying, and for how long?
So exciting. I really need to go back.


We will be on the island for seven days. We have a Jeep on hold to get around and at the moment we have an Airbnb place on hold but that may change. I’m traveling with my dad and brother. The logistics of getting the three of us from three different states to the island has been interesting to say the least. Any tips or recommendations on staying on the island would be of great help.

It's great you're staying a full week. So many people go for only a couple days. I did a week and loved it.

I stayed at Taura'a Hotel. It was great - walking distance to town and the waterfront Moai. Not fancy, but clean with friendly staff and lots of Moai art around the property. I took a quick look online and it looks like there are a lot more options of places to stay now - It's been 10 years since I went, so I'm sure there have been changes. But as long as you stay at a regular place and have a vehicle, you'll be good. I remember one of the fancy/expensive places wouldn't let guests go out on their own, they had to be taken on tours. Crazy. We did do a couple tours with local guides set up through the hotel that were excellent, but you'll also love exploring on your own.

Ask about upgrading to Business Class on the flight from Santiago when you check in. If there are unsold seats left, they'd let you upgrade for a fairly low price. I did it on the way over and it was really nice. But even in coach, it's nicer than being on a cramped US flight.

Gotta run, but will try to think of any other tips!


Pantu runs a bed and breakfast on the edge of Hangaroa. It was nice. Close to the museum. He knows everyone. He rents horses! Owns the candy shop.


I had planned on being on the island on the 7th of April. Chile has closed it’s borders for the safety of it’s people so the trip is in limbo for the time being. Hold tight and be safe everyone.

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

[ Edited by: uncle trav 2020-03-18 09:14 ]

Sorry this is happening and interfering with your adventure. The Moai will be there when things clear.


Rapa Nui will have to remain a faraway ancient mystery for now. My father and I had the plans all in place on three occasions but the last two years have taken a toll on all of us so plans have been scrapped. Maybe I’ll get there one day but for now traveling by imagination will have to suffice.

Very understandable, but sad to hear, Trav. Hope you're able to make it happen some day.

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