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The Merman's Cove - The Tiny Tiki Closet Bar

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Hello All!

I've finally been able to create a tiki space of my own after years of moving from apartments all around the country. I recently moved into a loft apartment that had a closet space under the stairs that I've transformed into "The Merman's Cove". I've tried not to do any major installations and had to get creative with the use of the tiny space. It comfortably fits one person to kick your feet up, but can accommodate two tiki lovers that don't mind the close quarters (though I've been in packed tiki bars with less space during busy times!). Still a work in progress, but it's completed enough that I wanted to share. Lighting is battery operated fake candles, green Halloween lights, and an optional colored solar power lamp that I can put at the base of the floor tiki for extra ambiance. I also usually am playing exotica and surf tunes from a small Bluetooth speaker hidden in one of the display mugs on the top shelf.



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RichC posted on Sun, Jan 5, 2020 9:05 AM

Terrific little tiki room, SuitandSand! As the owner of a tiny home tiki bar, I am particularly interested in seeing how others make the most of a small space. You have succeeded in giving it great atmosphere: it looks comfy, "cobbled" (like every great tiki bar), and personal. Great job.


Nice work, especially given the constraints of space. I like the use of mirrors - kind of gives it a window-like effect.

What a fantastic little spot you've created for yourself! I love it.

Hamo posted on Thu, Jan 9, 2020 11:29 PM

I love these small tiki spaces, and yours looks great. I wish I could do that with my closet, but I only have one and need to use it to hang clothes...


Amazing in such a tiny space!

Creative use of a small smace! I rotated the pics that needed it

GROG posted on Sat, Feb 1, 2020 8:15 AM

Wow, talk about making the most out of what space you have!
GROG like.



I keep coming back to this post since SuitandSand first posted on 1.3.20. Thanks MDM for repositioning the pics. I am just amazed at S&S's creativity in a small space. I'm formulating a plan to carve out a space on my patio or inside my home. I am very inspired by your result. Thanks for sharing!

:drink: :music: :tiki: :)


You got some nice art in there! I'm a Yaniger fan. Great spirit in this project.

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