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Finding (new) Bamboo / Rattan Furniture?

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Does anyone have any leads on where to buy new bamboo / rattan furniture? I'm specifically looking for bedroom dressers.

Most of the online places I've used or seen in the past don't seem to be around anymore. I'm happy to have things shipped, but am having trouble finding what I need.

I know there used to be a few stores along the coast between San Diego & LA but haven't had luck confirming that any are still there and/or still carry furniture (last time I was in Bamboo 2 U and Tikis Too in Encinitas they had very little of interest.) I'd rather not have to drive all over and go in and out of every store. I've come up empty handed a lot.

Any ideas?


Ideally I'd like things that look as similar as possible to the pieces I already have (but at this point I'm ready to just get the piles of clothes off the floor.)

Amy, We use to stop at a very cool store on the way home from Oasis. We did not go to T O last year so I cannot be sure that the store is still in operation. It was on PCH (Moana side) just north of the retail/commercial section in San Clemente. Lotsa first cabin furniture along with a smattering of california and Hawaiian tchothcke. Wish I could recall the name. I’ve got a business card somewhere and I’ll search for it in the morning. Good luck!
David and CeCe
Btw, just a sort drive to Tiki Farm and there are some pretty good thrift’s on PCH

Thanks, Nui! I remember going to a really nice Hawaiian store in San Clemente years ago, when up there for a Tiki Farm event.
I don't remember them having furniture, but should try to look again; it's been too long since I stopped in San Clemente.

For an update, I found Otterlei Coastal in Oceanside who can get a variety of furniture. Nothing that really matches what I already have, unfortunately, but certainly some options.


There's a surf and furniture store in Westminster that might carry the furniture you're after. I haven't been there myself and I'm not sure about selection and availability. Here's their website http://www.coralreefwetsuits.com/furniture.html

Thank you!

I did come across their site at http://www.islandshawaiianfurniture.com/

It didn't have many pictures of bedroom stuff other than headboards, but I need to call them!

I finally got a chance to call Islands/Coral Reef - very helpful, they're going to send me some pictures of what they can offer.

Down side: said they're going to be closing the store at the end of the year. So get on down there while you can.

Thanks all for the ideas.

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