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WITCO Search - Australia

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I am searching for any (elusive) Australian Witco furniture collectors?
I am searching for some specific pieces to rent, or buy - specific to Elvis Presley's Jungle Room.
I am also happy to either rent or buy from outside of Australia, which we understand is likely to be the need.
Would love to hear from anyone that has anything suitable to the Jungle Room furniture who might be interested in selling/renting pieces for a film set.

Welcome to Tiki Central idanceinthedark! It may be difficult and/or expensive to find or ship that to Aus, and original Witco may not be such an issue for a movie set. You may want to consider having someone local make reproduction? Tiki Dylan is a Brisbane carver, if he can't do it he probably knows someone who could. I don't think he is active here but you can find him on FaceBook. Let me know if you have trouble getting a hold of him.

I guess the original poster was a set designer working on the Bas Luhrmann Elvis movie?


Pages: 1 2 replies