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Tiki Central 20th Anniversary Merchandise

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Hamo posted on Wed, Feb 5, 2020 9:57 PM

Over on this thread, many members collaborated to come up with ideas for tangible ways to commemorate Tiki Central's 20th anniversary.

Let's use this thread to collect all the offerings that are produced.

Hamo posted on Wed, Feb 5, 2020 10:01 PM

The first of the ideas to be produced--pins, umbrellas, and coasters--are now available through PinTiki.


Order placed. Thanks everyone who contributed to making this happen!


Stoked to finally have all these things available to the TC Ohana. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!


Thank you for creating this new thread for the TC20 packs.....and it's a great idea for these items and any other items that might get generated !!


My order came really quick, like two days!
Great stuff.

I think the umbrellas will sell out fast.

Thanks again!!

Angostura Colada

Hamo posted on Mon, Feb 10, 2020 10:23 PM

My order arrived quickly, too. The pin turned out great.

Awesome pic MDM!! I like the use of the bamboo picks. I never thought to use several for support like on your info sheet for your Fire Skulls. It’s a great idea!!

I will order some to have here in my bar!

The pin looks even better in real-life.

Received mine in the post in just a couple of days - shipping was nice and fast!

I had meant to grab an umbrella and coaster at Forbidden Island but spaced it because...well, rum. The pack is just brilliant! Totally agree with Kevin, the pin is absolutely perfect. So nice to be able to get an extra pack of the coasters and umbrellas for future gatherings as well. Looking forward to my first cocktails with them this weekend!

I finally got a minute to order and loot arrived the other day. Have to agree, everything looks great. Love that the pin isn't too huge - it's perfect.

Thanks to all who made it happen.

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