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Set Adrift Cigar Ashtray

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Sold - Thanks. I make a few more

Etsy tells me there is a market for cigar ashtrays so I thought I'd give it a try. Not really "Tiki" but would fit well in many Tiki bars.

After the mutiny, Cap’n was set adrift in a small dingy with a day’s ration of water and his beloved Jolly Roger - but no oars. Now he can hold your cigar while you contemplate your own mortality. Hand crafted of low fire ceramic clay, perfect for your man cave, she shed, Tiki bar, pirate's lair, desert island, or wherever you like to light one up. Unglazed, because a boat that's been adrift at sea for years shouldn't be shiny. Will gain a cigar smoke patina over time to add to the aged look. Measures 6.75"Lx3"Wx2.5"T

Etsy Listing $35 + Shipping

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I made a couple more cigar ashtrays - Set Adrift #2 and Set Adrift #3

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