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start of Ocea Otica, our home bar in Georgia

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We bought a house about 4 years ago, and the bar has not received any attention Hoping this year as i am getting past a few health hurtles I can start building out more.
first step was floors before we moved in. Then unpacking some decor. Over the past few years we have scored wicker furniture and a rattan fold out couch from thrift stores (our bar in previous rentals never afforded us much space for furniture).
Very much look forward to tearing out the drop ceiling and getting the walls painted/dressed, but for now its just hanging stuff as things get unpacked.
Cheers! Cass

Those floors look great! Looking forward to seeing more.

Nice stuff, agree great floors. Off to a good start but I see that ceiling will be a big challenge. I recently ripped out my son's basement ceiling. Gained a little height. Funny, now I don't notice it much as I thought without the clinical white ceiling. I told them just to spray paint it all black as a foundation then one can add the tiki touches to it as you go.

I go to Atlanta a lot. When I do, maybe I could stop by and give you a hand.

Good luck!


Looking forward to more pictures, love all the PNG masks.

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