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Coronavirus stories, and other things to pass the time....

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So got this email the other day from a friend and it sounds so cool thought I would share it here and leave out the names.

But also going to share ideas and things we are doing to get pass this thing.
Sure would be nice if it did not rain every other day and was warmer than the 40s.

I just got home from Switzerland. Exhausting, surreal, exhilarating, bizarrely fun, and CRAZY past four days!

I successfully exfiltrated 121 students, faculty, and staff from Switzerland in three waves over two days utilizing trains, coaches, planes, and rental cars. Got all my international students back Stateside before the lockdown and I returned with the last 47 Saturday evening into Dulles.

You should have seen me get 48 of us on and off a coach, checked into and out of a hotel, and then checked into the airline (with a semester’s worth of luggage each), get them through security, immigration, a trans-Atlantic flight, through new health screenings, and then Customs all in 48 hours! All those UK trips were amazing training for this!!

Now I’m in for a 14 day self-quarantine. I feel fine and have exhibited no signs of illness, so let’s hope that continues.


Ok for the handful of people looking at this might come in handy.

Toilet paper it is hard to find and when you do it's well whatever they got and one pack per customer etc.

Well we were doing ok on it and I thought as we could never find any what about Amazon?
SOoooo I placed an order for the kind we like and thought heck it may not get here for a month but hey we will still use it.

I got 24 mega rolls for like $46.00 bucks and the shipping of $11.00 bucks is included in that number but here's the kicker, it took only 5 days to get here.
Did hear on the news that Amazon was giving household items priority as far as shipping faster.

Are you looking at this from the future?
The stuff that are hard to get are...

Toilet paper
Thermometers, health kind
Dried beans?
Sanitizers of any kind
Some meats

The shelves are really fairly well stocked and every now and then you will see big empty spaces. (Toilet paper)
They also have senior citizen shopping hours in the mornings at some stores, and damn they say they are packed at those times and the old folks clean them out!

These small things will be long forgotten after this is over but it's those small details that I loved to hear from the old folks at Good ol Windward.

Did you know during the ww2 that they gave people Lard as butter and it came with a packet of yellow food color to make it seem more like butter when you mixed it in when you got home, I was told it was not good!

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This is a very interesting tale by someone who was there.
Now that was a hard life.

"1/2 teaspoon of baking soda everyday saved us"?"We had a war, boll weevil, and this flu a triple whammy"
1918 influenza pandemic survivor interview: Mrs. Edna Register Boone


Somebody sent me this.
Has some good info.

Since we are all (mostly) hunkered down and bored out of our minds, below are links to a daily updated web site that shows:

Case Graphs - Death Graphs - Countries - Death Rate - Incubation - Age - Symptoms - News

both worldwide and the US by state. There are many graphs and stats, remember to scroll down particularly on the US page in order to see all of the states.

USA National and by State COVID-19 stats

Worldwide daily stats COVID-19

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Don't want to forget this one they come out every now and then with "stuff that will be in short supply" Like cream cheese right before the Super bowl, Avocados, Chicken, and other meats. Turkeys right around Thanksgiving, Christmas trees right around Christmas.

The thing is we would be out maybe a week or so then you would see this stuff and never have a shortage really do think it was a ploy to get us to stock up on the items they said we could not get.

The one thing that was hard to find was Heinz Chili sauce, still is.

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