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Introducing Tiki Central 2.0!

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YES! I had just gotten access to Tiki Central after trying for year and then it went down! I was so sad.

So happy to see Tiki Central is back!

I've got a lot to share.

Thank you for bringing back Tiki Central. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thanks for bringing this back to life ...

Fantastic! I can't tell you how happy I am to see the site back on line! Many thanks to both of you for the herculean effort to get it back up and running!!


Mahalos for bringing this back to life, Hanford! It's like a walk down memory lane for sure. And thanks to all of the people who have helped to revive this site - it seems like a daunting challenge to me, and that it required more than one brain to pull it back together! Huzzah!

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hey GAP! howzit goin???

twitch posted on Tue, May 3, 2022 9:03 PM

This is amazing. A bit fuzzy-headed on Roe & Co Irish whiskey and watching How To Drink on Youtube just now and thought I'd tap in "Tiki Central" for the hell of it with visions of that green background but expecting a white field with black characters. Man, my eyes teared up. Congratulations on the resurrection!

Hi Johnny, It’s been quite a while! We are retired in Florida now. Still doing some carving though. Last I heard about you guys is that you have moved to Ohio?

It’s great to hear from you!

i'll message yuh



Two point OHHH! Thanks for the upgrade fellas! This is inspiration to get the home bar in order.

Testing replies

GROG posted on Fri, Jun 17, 2022 1:02 AM

11 posts on Tiki Central yesterday, and 7 of them were mine. This joint ain't exactly jumping.


I go to different sales a lot and have talked to three different people that were into tiki and none of the three knew of tiki central in the last two months. One had bought a light from a person I knew from here so guess she just did not tell her about TC.

Tiki central really can help drive tiki into a more stable mainstream deal that is better for tiki in the end, users of TC need to promote and try to get TC into the minds of people who are into tiki.

Hopefully these new people will be more of a mind to interact, and heck just post some kind of acknowledgement after a person posts an answer to a question they might have posted.

It could be me they don't want to acknowledge but really makes me not want to post.

The whole new you can post a thumbs up or a little thing at the bottom of a thread seems to just back up this new don't post TC site.

Now you can be nice or stab them in the back and don't need to face or even explain your likes or dislikes.

I gave the three people TC cards from the anniversary thing, and they seemed to like the idea.

Remember the old TC fight days and the people who did not like the fights hated it and said it kept people away, well the people who did not like the fights left the people who were controversial left and now silence.

At least the controversial people posted something, and not just look what I bought or made posts.


I'll agree, the post frequency is pretty slow, but like Skip said, we need to make sure the wider community knows TC is back! Think of all those neophyte Tikiphiles who got their start during lockdown and never knew this place was a thing for Two Decades... I'd hate to think that the various FB groups would actively frown on alerting folks that the most venerable repository for the second and third waves of Tiki is still alive... I would hope not at least.

Almost forgot, there IS a Tiki Central page on FB, but it hasn't updated since 2020. Whoever runs it could really do the forum a favor and POST SOMETHING.

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The Tiki Central page you're talking about was a fan page. Pretty sure it's not active anymore.

Here's the "official" one we created https://www.facebook.com/tikicentralforum

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11 posts on Tiki Central yesterday, and 7 of them were mine. This joint ain't exactly jumping.

A lot has changed over the last 20yrs that's for sure. A lot of chat is on Facebook… and in some cases I'm happy for the low quality stuff to stay there.

My main goal for Tiki Central 2.0 was just to save all the original information that was posted. TC was, is and will continue to be a great source for people wanting to learn about tiki.


Ah! Very cool. Oddly enough though, when searching for "Tiki Central" on FB the first result I get is still the fan page. Wonder why...

Hamo posted on Fri, Jun 17, 2022 8:46 PM

I wouldn't have know that TC was coming back if I hadn't accidentally tapped on the icon link in my mobile browser. That was a week or so before it relaunched, and then I didn't know about it until PineappleWhip told me it was up.

Speaking of the anniversary cards, maybe PineappleWhip still has the file so the cards can be recreated and we can use them to spread the good news that TC is back.

Hamo posted on Fri, Jun 17, 2022 8:55 PM

5500 people follow that fan page. I wonder if whoever runs it posted something about TC's return it would reach people who otherwise haven't heard.

I tried to post a link on it a few times. It needs approval and the admins are MIA.

I also posted on every other Facebook tiki group when we relaunched.

Many thanks Leevi for your hard work. There is a lot of great info on here from the old days of TC. I just discovered TC was back several weeks ago, and that was only because I went to a Tiki vending event at Kahuna Tiki Tu and Hiphipahula (whom I hadn't seen in a number of years) told me that TC had been back up and running for about three months. I'm not on any social media sites like Facebook, or Instagram, so it's not surprising that I'm late to the party. I just hope it gets rolling a bit more and we get more of the old TCers posting again. Maybe I should kick the bees nest and post something controversial. Maybe some Jimmy Buffet stuff or something. Is Carribean made Rum considered "Tiki"? Why do Tiki bars that offer food never have Long Pig on the menu?

Speaking as someone who's day job is advertising, it's all about frequency and repetition. On FB triply so! If there's fresh content on the official TC page that can be shared, I'll happily do so when I see it. It's frustrating, but managing visibility on social media really is a full-time job, which ironically, takes time away from what you were doing in the first place... it's a devious and absurd trap!

As a famous computer once remarked, the only winning move is, not to play.

It's frustrating, but managing visibility on social media really is a full-time job, which ironically, takes time away from what you were doing in the first place

Agreed… and consider the thing I was doing in the first place was just getting everything back up and running.

First to Leevi - your work on getting the site back up is appreciated beyond words. Thank you again! Like eminator, I stay off of social media - it got too anti-social for me. I found out the site was back up when I did my periodic "let's see if they're back yet" click on the link. Not sure if it's even do-able, but perhaps a mass email to all registered members would get the word out to some of the old hands that haven't found their way back? Just spitballing here, I'm sure it's been thought of already.


Just to clarify when I posted about people not knowing about TC I meant ever. Not that it's back but they never knew about TC or the book of tiki, tiki ti, Mai Kai etc at all.

And they have tiki bars they are into tiki a lot. Blows my mind that that could ever happen.

So still tell everybody that it's here and what it is.

Just think how great it would be to find TC after all these years and go back through all that info.

Great response on this topic by the way that is what will help, say what ya think right or wrong good or bad but heck add something.

When a big flame would dust up in the past lots o people you would never see or hear from would stop in just to see the carnage and put in their two cents, it made for some boost for TC, Good, Bad who knows. But that thread went on for pages.

"My main goal for Tiki Central 2.0 was just to save all the original information that was posted." And thanks tons for that! some of the things I add are for myself and forgot how often I went back to get that info.

I am bad about not posting on other threads really and don't do a bunch of "hey great thing ya did/bought there"

But heck even that adds something to TC.

I'm happy to ask elsewhere but not sure if this is a bug or a UI or an end-user (me) problem.

I go to TC home page, and see sections with recent activity. Then I click on that section (e.g. California events). And then I see threads with updated activity. Click on the thread.

Is there any way to go to the most recent page of a multi-page thread?

This seems like a feature that should be there, but I can't figure out how to...

I understood the question wrong, so I deleted my answer.

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I already asked that question (i think on Facebook) and apparently there's a bit of work involved to set it up like that.

I go to TC home page, and see sections with recent activity. Then I click on that section (e.g. California events). And then I see threads with updated activity. Click on the thread.

Is there any way to go to the most recent page of a multi-page thread?

I'm on holidays now for a few weeks so I might try and add this functionality. Probably just a link to the last page rather than the old list of pages. Maybe a link directly to the last post in context.

The original idea for the modal view of the last post was so people could quickly click through a lot of tops and see the last post without leaving the index. In practice I'm starting to think this is not the best behaviour as I find myself clicking through to the context link more often than not.


"see sections with recent activity"

It's getting to the point where I can tell you what thread will be posted on just by seeing the name on the header and could probably tell you what they say most times.

I really like the modal* post view a lot, with the optional context link. It works very well with the way I consume the site content.

  • = On mobile Safari, it isn't quite modal; some scroll gestures don't get consumed by the popup and instead scroll the underlying page which is annoying. (It needs an underlying element covering the full viewport that consumes up the events, or some such. I haven't attempted to dive into the DOM myself.)
No No posted on Fri, Jul 15, 2022 5:20 PM

I am very pleased that the site is back up and running. I would like to continue telling of my experiences at Hotel Taharaa in Tahiti if any one is interested.

Wow...Did my usual drive by on the Inter-thingey as I do every month or so and HOLY SHITE...TC is back. Thanks for all the work to resurrect this...I'm happy, my and day has been made. Hope all has been as best it can be for all. OGR

Glad you're back!

Right on! Happy you are back in action and have a collaborator. Thank you for all the hard work getting Tiki Central back up and running!

Long live Tiki Central and the Book of Tiki for starting it all! https://youtu.be/D02oBRZNOow

Welcome Back!!!

So cool to see Tiki Central back up and running. Once again, I'm late to the party and just finding out the site it back. I missed being able to chat with other tikiphiles. My second tiki was lost to a nasty flood back in 2010 then a lot of other not fun life events came my way. Just now back to start building what will be my third (yet to be named) tiki bar. Hoping to meetup with other Chicago are tiki people if there are any events.

I’m trying to find out anything I can about this Witco style carved piece.. It measure 114cm in height, 34cm deep and is 20cm wide. I’m told it is 'old' and has come from an estate sale… The seller suggests it is a mid century stylised TekoTeko sculptural figure. It is located in NZ. Thanks for your help.!

C43BF716-7A60-4F30-B1F4-F9BE95DEFC8A0637C16E-6364-40BF-9683-5DB58483AB94F4B0086F-C979-4298-B98F-E03046DE221FBCF7DDC7-A78A-46D6-B72B-01C2620286AC I hope I’ve come through to the right forum, I intended to add this to the Witco group….

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Way to keep a brother in the dark… I had no clue until today when I saw a post from Sven on FB with a link.

Great news. Well done on resurrecting this site.

Speaking of Sven, when is the Great Tiki of Unlimited Abundance going to stop by and bestow his blessings upon his many children?

Late to the party.... as usual. But happy you're back!

I wouldime to research the history of Lei Lani Hut and musicians that played there from 1920's - 1950's. Any way you can help me?

I found documentation that my grandfather, Walter Kalani Lane, played there in 1952.Hw came to VA from Hawaii in the 1920's.



Try using the search feature at the top of the page.

Here's the better link to search:


and here's the top result


FYI please post these kind or requests in General tiki: https://tikicentral.com/viewforum.php?forum_id=1

Thanks again for all your hard Work!!

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