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README FIRST - Posting Bugs / Security Issues: What you need to know.

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Quick Overview:

DO NOT: post about security issues - contact us privately here. Security issues are things that expose your personal messages, allow you to log in or posting as a different user, etc.

DO: Look in the bugs for an existing bug before posting a new one.

Best Ways To Report A Bug:

  • Explain what you expected to happen
  • Explain what happened instead
  • Tell us what browser and OS you were using when it happened.

for visual errors, screenshots are best.

[ Edited by hanford_lemoore on 2022-03-14 17:24:58 ]

[ Edited by leevigraham on 2022-03-15 20:04:20 ]

How do I delete a post? Due to my impatience I hit Submit Post 4 more times and guess what? It has now been posted 5 times in a row! :) (Bumatay post in General Tiki)

tikicoma I've deleted those posts for you.

I'll discuss with Hanford who / how / when posts can be deleted.

I attempted to submit a security issue as instructed, but the email will not go through as you can see in the attached screenshot.IMG_9421

Looks like hanford_lemoore has let his email disappear.

Feel free to shoot an email to [email protected] and I'll sort it.

Hello, I'm unable to access the email address you just provided as I'm using an iPad and can't use JavaScript. But, I just sent you a DM.

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