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Tiki Oasis 2022 - Trip to the Tropics

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Baby Doe & Otto present Tiki Oasis 2022 - Trip to the Tropics August 3 - 7, 2022 Town and Country Resort, San Diego www.tikioasis.com

Welcome to Tiki Oasis 2022!

This year Tiki Oasis celebrates the Caribbean Islands and their influence on Tiki subculture with “Trip to the Tropics”. When we think of Tiki style we think of Polynesia, but the influence of the Caribbean — from its tropical flavors, rum, dance and Mid-Century upbeat music — has also shaped the Polynesian Pop scene we know today.

Tiki Oasis will take a deep dive into the flavors of the Caribbean from our educational seminars to our cocktail tastings. Agriculture from the Bahamas to Trinidad includes sugarcane, bananas, coffee, tobacco, citrus and cacao. These flavors influenced the creation of classic tropical cocktails from the Puerto Rican Piña Colada, Panama’s Bird of Paradise Fizz, and the Jamaican Planter’s Punch, all of which influenced what we now call “Tiki Drinks.”

Tiki Oasis will also celebrate the music and dance of the region. The original Afro-Caribbean music of Trinidad known as Calypso is authentic island music and was an early influence on Jamaican Rocksteady, Ska, and early Reggae. The dance styles are often described as fluid, sensual, and rhythmic. Popular vibrant dances included the mambo, rumba, and merengue that borrow and riff from the mixing of African, European, and indigenous cultures.

As always, Tiki Oasis is all about the Tiki lifestyle, and every year we explore a theme that adds dimension or expands on a different aspect of popular culture tangential to the subculture of Tiki. This year's “Trip to the Tropics” will carry you to the Caribbean via educational seminars, literature, movies, and entertainment from live bands, dancers, and disc jockeys. ![](Uploading Tiki Oasis 2022 Web.jpg…)While we encourage you to express your love for the theme in fanciful dress, we just ask that you please be mindful not to appropriate other cultures when doing so.

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