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Tiki Oasis 2022 - Trip to the Tropics

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Baby Doe & Otto present Tiki Oasis 2022 - Trip to the Tropics August 3 - 7, 2022 Town and Country Resort, San Diego www.tikioasis.com

Welcome to Tiki Oasis 2022!

This year Tiki Oasis celebrates the Caribbean Islands and their influence on Tiki subculture with “Trip to the Tropics”. When we think of Tiki style we think of Polynesia, but the influence of the Caribbean — from its tropical flavors, rum, dance and Mid-Century upbeat music — has also shaped the Polynesian Pop scene we know today.

Tiki Oasis will take a deep dive into the flavors of the Caribbean from our educational seminars to our cocktail tastings. Agriculture from the Bahamas to Trinidad includes sugarcane, bananas, coffee, tobacco, citrus and cacao. These flavors influenced the creation of classic tropical cocktails from the Puerto Rican Piña Colada, Panama’s Bird of Paradise Fizz, and the Jamaican Planter’s Punch, all of which influenced what we now call “Tiki Drinks.”

Tiki Oasis will also celebrate the music and dance of the region. The original Afro-Caribbean music of Trinidad known as Calypso is authentic island music and was an early influence on Jamaican Rocksteady, Ska, and early Reggae. The dance styles are often described as fluid, sensual, and rhythmic. Popular vibrant dances included the mambo, rumba, and merengue that borrow and riff from the mixing of African, European, and indigenous cultures.

As always, Tiki Oasis is all about the Tiki lifestyle, and every year we explore a theme that adds dimension or expands on a different aspect of popular culture tangential to the subculture of Tiki. This year's “Trip to the Tropics” will carry you to the Caribbean via educational seminars, literature, movies, and entertainment from live bands, dancers, and disc jockeys. While we encourage you to express your love for the theme in fanciful dress, we just ask that you please be mindful not to appropriate other cultures when doing so.


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As always, we are excited...and can't wait. This will be a great theme, and I will echo what I read in other posts....it would be great to have some dance classes with the theme in mind :) Looking forward to Tiki Oasis 2022 !!


Aloha Baby Doe! So looking forward to this event in San Diego. I so enjoyed the 2021 event. I would love for there to be makeup and hair styling classes. Keep up the good work. Mahalo Mele Ipo

Looking forward to it!

Can't wait!!!

Looking forward to it!

Would love to see the return of Duke Weiss, as a DJ or as a panel discussion. No one knows more music, tiki or otherwise.

Hamo posted on Sun, Mar 27, 2022 8:23 AM

I see that tickets go on sale today at 6 PM Pacific, and rooms tomorrow at the same time. I've been considering attending this year's event but need to work out a few logistical things before committing for sure.


Oh man Kevin and I are super excited about the band line up announced so far including Ixtahuele, Surfrajettes and Surfer Joe. We can’t wait! 😎


The curse of being marooned in the NorthEast strikes again! Have fun, y'all!

Let’s keep those band announcements coming!

Been a few years, but GROG planning to go. Haven't been to it since it left Hanalei. Should GROG stay at new hotel location, or something cheaper just down the street? GROG looking forward to seeing a lot of Tiki friends. GROG love Medusarina.


[ Edited by ernimator on 2022-06-18 12:25:35 ]

Hope GROG can make it! I didn't stay at the hotel last year, but it seemed nice enough when visiting friends' rooms. But there are still other options within walking distance if GROG not have a room yet or on waitlist.

Thanks. I'm looking forward to it. GROG probably find a rock somewhere to lay GROG' head on.

Last year we were lucky enough to get a room when someone cancelled. We are again on a waiting list. The hotel sells out in 5 minutes, and I didn't type fast enough. Nearby hotels are filling up fast best to reserve a room now.

Hamo posted on Mon, Jun 27, 2022 8:51 PM

I'm planning on being in San Diego starting that Thursday (or maybe Wednesday night--still deciding on the flight out). I don't have event tickets, but I definitely plan on visiting TO during the day that Friday. Hope to see many of you tiki people there.

Hope to see you, Hamo! Just in case you didn't realize- the marketplace is only open to the public Saturday & Sunday, not Friday. But you can do seminars Friday.

There's also a separate Creepxotica/Swami/Mug release show at Bali Hai on Thursday night if you're interested. I think there are still a few tickets left for that.


heylownine....we are excited about the band lineup as well.....

THE AGGROLITES - really fun - Dirty Reggae is a fun album
IXTAHUELE - This band is one of my all time favorites, and their latest Dharmaland, is incredible (in my opinion).
THE SURFRAJETTES - a Tiki Oasis favorite
KING KUKULELE - of course (wouldn't be an Oasis without him)
THE INTOXICATS - YAY!! Intoxicats are back !!

There isn't a whole lot of info about the DJs for poolside and otherwise, but, we did notice that DJ Samoa Boy mentioned on his instagram that he will be back, after a long hiatus from Tiki Oasis.

Looking forward to all the music and performers !!

Has anybody seen all these bands??....there are several that we haven't seen before

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They had me at Ixtahuele.


Thanks. I think I knew about the marketplace only being open to the public over the weekend but also forgot. The reason I was definitely planning on Friday was because I've been invited to a room party (before the evening sweep). I'm staying close to the resort, so I should be able to make it over Saturday, too.

I am absolutely going to Bali Hai, but it probably won't be for the Thursday show.

A week and a half ago, a little tiki bird told me that TO was still in need of volunteers, so I filled out the application. It said I'd receive an email to confirm that it was received, but I haven't heard anything yet. Maybe I should try again.

kevin, that is exactly what we said when we saw they were coming !! :) We are very excited to see them live (again)

Hamo posted on Mon, Jul 25, 2022 7:12 PM

We're just about a week away, and I'm getting excited. I'm a confirmed volunteer for a shift on Saturday, so I'll have a Thursday-Saturday evening ticket. I'm definitely going to try to see Ixtahuele, among others.

I really hope to meet up wtih you, GROG, Kevin, bamalamalu, and anyone else out there. Please PM me to swap contact info if you want to connect.

[ Edited by Hamo on 2022-07-25 19:24:31 ]

Aloha Hamo !! So glad that you are going. It will be great to see you. Let me know when you get in, and we can meet up to say hello !!

My plan is to attend Saturday for the Marketplace. I hope to find some of you there!

Seeing as how there is not an official Room Party Thread...I am just going to throw this flyer out here.....possibly I can get an official Tiki Oasis Room Crawl thread started another time?

Jungle Walk flyer layout 18th pass_jpg _phoshop_offset 0_12_gamma 2_5_snagit_FINAL TO POST

If you are attending Tiki Oasis this year, please stop by, we have a fun party planned !! :)

We are definitely going to find you !! :D and make you a cocktail ...or... buy you one, if we are all out ... lol

Aloha folks,

Unfortunately I tested positive for the plague yesterday, so TikiVal and I won't be able to make it to Tiki Oasis 2022 after all. Hope everyone has a great time, and maybe next year we'll finally get back to TikiO. 4th time's a charm?

If you are looking for tickets or know anyone that is looking for tickets, I have the following to sell:

(2x) Wednesday Meet & Mingle 2022 (2x) Standard Evening Resort Pass 2022 (Thurs-Sun) (2x) Friday 11am: The Historical Evolution Of Ska Music (2x) Sat 12noon: Potions of the Caribbean (2x) Sunday 10am: Floridaland w/ Charles Phoenix




Sorry to hear that, Kev. Get well quickly.

Thanks Ernie, it feels like I'm on the mend after a couple of days of rest (did I just jinx myself?). :)


So sorry you're sick, heylownine! I would love to take the Potions of the Caribbean tix off your hands if there's any chance you still have them - I'll send a private message.

Sent ya a PM back!



Update: I just have the Thur-Sun tickets available as of now. Please contact me if you're interested.

(2x) Standard Evening Resort Pass 2022 (Thurs-Sun)



Well, so far I've managed to miss everyone - think I saw GROG from a distance, but that's all.

Hope everyone is having fun!

Sorry I missed you bama. I had a great time seeing everybody I haven't seen in years and meeting new people as well.

I MET HAMO!!!!!! Holy crap. I was SOOOOooooo drunk, but we had a great little visit.

And it was great seeing Gecko again and meeting his son. The kid is 12 years old and he's 6 feet tall!! That's crazy.

It's been too long, I'm out of practice. I got TOO drunk from BenZombies at the Tiki Tom's room party. They had a band called Paravion and they were AWESOME!!!! I was hammered dog doo this morning--- hangover from hell. I'm still suffering right now.

Speaking of suffering. I ran into Ken Ruzic. GROG' mortal enemy. I can't believe they still let him come to these events.

On the other hand--- GROG got to hang out with DEREK Yaniger---a REAL artist and a true gentleman. Opposite of Ruzic. It was fun seeing that DEREK did the front cover art as usual for the program and GROG got to do the back cover. Thanks to Tiki Tom's tiki bar who had the best bands for the room crawl parties.

GROG got to see Medusarina for a few seconds, and then POOF she was gone.

Looking forward to next years Tiki Oasis.


[ Edited by ernimator on 2022-08-10 01:31:34 ]

Oh no, sorry GROG had such a sad Sunday.

I managed to avoid that; of course I also skipped all the room parties. But was sad to find out I missed the Swank Bastards. Hope everyone else had a good Oasis and is recovered. My feet are still tired but otherwise no worse for the wear. Will have to try to catch up with some classic Tiki Central people next time.

And Mahalo Nui Loa again to Kevin for the Beachbum Berry tickets!

Well, ernimator, you missed mentioning that you gave me one big hug! It was a miracle to run into you with so many hundreds of tiki people partying! I totally missed Hamo and Marina this year. For the very first time we never saw Baby Doe or Otto. Bummer. But we did see many friends and had a wonderful time. Tiki Oasis is still the best party around. Wendy

Hamo posted on Thu, Aug 11, 2022 9:27 PM

Oh man, I had an excellent time at my first Tiki Oasis. I'm very bummed that I never found Wendy and Dan, MadDogMike, or bamlamalu, but I was soooo excited to literally stumble into GROG on Saturday night! I never remembered to take a single picture all weekend, but PineappleWhip did snap this pic to prove that the meeting actually occurred:


Ixtahuele's Thursday night set was marvelous, and I enjoyed the room parties, especially the Tiki Time Warp's Jungle Walk. I also had fun during my volunteer shift at Saturday's rum tasting. I'm absolutely going next year, so we'll have plenty of time to plan to meet up.

I was bummed we didn't get to me up too. Funny, I was wearing the exact same shirt LOL

Oh - were you working the Tropical Tasting, Hamo? I was in the 3:30 one. Those were mostly poured in advance, so not sure if you were in the room while I was. Perhaps we passed like ships in the night...

I never spotted Wendy & Dan either.

Great minds, Mike!

We reset the room between the first and second tastings, so there's a possibility that I poured your rum. But you literally did pass me, because I was also at the table at the door tallying everyone who came in, and then letting people in and out during the session and keeping anyone out anyone without a ticket after we opened the doors when attendees could go up to each rum table or leave.

Hamo posted on Fri, Aug 12, 2022 8:24 PM

Okay, everyone--help me remember next year that we should organize some sort of Tiki Central meetup so that we don't miss each other again.

That would be awesome! 👍

GROG like that idea.

Hamo, I love the idea !!! Harkening back to the origins of the room crawl. We are planning on doing another room party...as it gets closer, we might offer our room as a meeting place, for a TC meetup?

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