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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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This is great newer place that's run by true tikiphiles. They've got some great classic decorations. Drinks are a mix of classics and some originals, and they have a rotating selection of seasonal specials.

The tiki bar is also associated with a pizza place Lola's Pizza Palace, so you can enjoy tiki drinks and some fine Chicago cuisine Pizza, burgers, beef sandwiches, etc.

We've fallen in love with the place even though it's about a 30 minute drive for us.



Kahala Koa is a new vintage tiki bar. Featuring classic cocktails as well as in house creations. Using fresh squeezed juices and handmade syrups. The bar features works by Bosko and Lake Tiki Woodcrafts. As well as large collection of classic tiki bar pieces many from Oceanic Arts. The enormous Kona Kai Chicago Outrigger graces the main dining rooms ceiling. Along with a collection of twenty odd carvings and pieces from the Kona Kai Chicago. Other highlights include one of the three foot Oceanic Arts shell lamps from the late Aku Aku tiki room in Kewanee, IL. Shell lamps from the recently closed Lun Wah in Roselle, NJ. Many Orchids of Hawaii Lamps from places such as The Kahiki. A large collection of vintage Witco. A large collection08565E12-ABB0-4E8A-8283-4B7668A6FF5F318986F0-70B5-4908-B4C8-E4CE1DE90ED3CFA4E94D-3A4D-4991-B7B2-D660C2F0171BC98E8A33-1764-46CE-BDB1-9310B1CBB52E76BA0C5E-B921-4849-8FBA-210BA69EA2887DE24838-E1DF-4DCC-B25C-986F36FA22F0 of mugs from around the globe is on display as well. Custom Muntiki mugs are available as well as many other collectibles.

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Bruce, you are SO much better at this than I am. Thank you for doing the place justice.

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