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[FR] Suggestions Thread?

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Not sure if Bugs is the right thread for this or if you're open to user suggestions but figured people might want to chime in not necessarily on what needs to fixed, but what could be added or improved upon.

My browser bookmark for TC used to be set to a page that was essentially "New Posts since your last visit." Since I frequented several times a day I didn't want to have to click on each individual topic to see the latest posts within. There was one page that allowed me to see at a glance any threads that had new comments. Maybe that still exists, I just don't see it.

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The form to make a new post used to have a preview button. A lot of times I would post trip reports with lots of photos and it was nice to be able to preview what the post would look like before it went live so continuous edits wouldn't be necessary.

Hi Mike,

Nice suggestion… if only there was a place for suggestions!

I'll run this past hanford_lemoore but I don't see why not.

The main issue is that we need to be careful setting peoples expectations about the future of Tiki Central.

I got involved with the sole goal of bringing the content back online. Yes I went a bit overboard, rewrote the whole thing and added some new features but that's scope creep for you. 🤷🏻

There is / was no commitment past that for further improvements. Having a suggestions forum might give members the wrong idea and set the wrong expectations. This might be able to be resolved with a sticky topic at the top of the forum.

In regards to your request about new posts… yep… that's something I want to. I need to figure out how the old site did it… but I'm thinking new posts since your last "session" which is either when you logged in or as a guest whatever was stored in a local cookie.

I like the idea of a full page of updated topics as we can't really show the post (no title).

The form to make a new post used to have a preview button.

That's another thing that I'll add soon.

Sorry, one more...

Curious if people would like to have a "like" button on individual posts. There used to be a lot of amazing contributors here who spent countless hours researching and digging up incredible content to share with us and often it seemingly fell on deaf ears as no one would reply with any feedback. Having a like button just to know people acknowledged the effort seems like a simple way to offer encouragement to the posters without having to make much of an effort.

Totally understand not wanting to have everyone throw their 2 cents in! And we are eternally grateful you were able to get this up and running at its current capacity. Definitely don't want to bog you down with unreasonable requests. I think we were just so used to the fact that the site was dated and had its limitations that now that we are up and running again we're imagining all the new possibilities! Or maybe I'm just greedy...

OK, just one more, I promise!

The reply button used to bring up the entire content of the original post in quotes so it was obvious what the reply is referencing when it gets posted. Now it just says that you're replying to a particular person.

The reply button used to bring up the entire content of the original post

We decided to provide a link back to the post you're replying to instead, and then allow you to add the reply manually if you wanted (as I just did, above.)

I suggested this because quotes don't get updated when posts do, and really large quotes just duplicate a lot information.

We're not stopping you from doing it, we're just kind of turning the faucet from Full Blast to Trickle so to speak.

But it's possible this will get changed.

Aloha TC people. I want to second the comment that Mike made. I am excited to have TC running again, and that it looks so beautiful. Endless thanks to Hanford and Leevi !! I have sent Leevi some suggestions for possible improvements thru PM, with the complete understanding that these suggestions are nothing more than that. If, and when further improvements, adjustments, etc are considered....even if in the years to follow....is totally fine. I am curious if you would like me to add those suggestions here...so that others can see them, and people don't have to repeat the same things.

Possibly make a list of suggestions to be at the top of this thread, and then that can be edited to add ..and/or.. delete as determined by Admin?

On the old TC, when you clicked on a thread it took you to the last page. That's really handy on active discussions or like the super long "Tiki Finds" thread in Collecting Tiki. We'd love it if threads worked that way again so that for long threads there was a way to go straight to the last page.

One other request, if it's possible ... the old TC had a view count for threads. TC 2.0 shows number of replies in the thread listing but doesn't show number of views. It would be great to get that back, too ...

I've already asked about both of those things, both to no avail.


"but doesn't show number of views."

Back then you could see who was online too, so I would see in the morning one friend of a TCer would put great stock in how many views she got, well at the same time he was up and online you could see her views just racing upwards, it would be hundreds of views added by him daily clicking back and forth on her thread.

So I kinda think it would be good and bad to have that back, plus do we really want a bunch of sunsets and other view numbers boosting types of posts just to get higher number counts to stroke a tiki persons fragile ego?

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