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St. Patrick's Day: A Tiki twist via spice

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For Saint Patrick's Day, I present a recipe from five years ago: My submission for the final and Irish wake of Mixology Monday: Don't Wake Me while I'm Sleeping, a medieval/tiki inspired Irish Coffee. Powder douce is a medieveal spice mixture whose profile we now recognize not only as "Tiki Spices" but also "Pumpkin Pie Spice." I have a whole seminar about the sweet (douce) and strong (forte) expressions of these spice mix flavor profiles, and I've been evangelizing about them for the better part of fifteen years now.

Don’t Wake Me While I’m Sleeping 1 oz Irish whiskey 2 tsp powder douce sugar 5 oz hot black coffee 2 oz powder douce whipped cream

Stir sugar, whiskey and hot coffee in heat proof glass. Carefully add powder dulce sweetened whipped cream, dust with nutmeg and add pineapple spear. Slainte!


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