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Pahu Puzzle Mug

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2021-11-26 Pahu Puzzle

The Tiki mug 700 years in the making. This specially constructed mug is served to a guest who is unaware of it’s secret, they must figure out how to drink from it without spilling.

This “∩H∀Ԁ Mug” is inspired by an 18th century Hawaiian Pahu drum now found in The British Museum. Because of the open spaces at the top, it can’t be tipped and drunk from like a regular mug. It has 4 spouts at the top that are interconnected by hollow ring and a pick-up tube leading to the mug’s contents. Any of the 4 spouts will serve as a straw, but only if the other 3 are plugged with your fingers. Since it can only be filled half full, it’s a large mug – 7 1/2 inches tall, 5 inches in diameter, and holding about 15 ounces. Glazed a rich glossy dark brown with the lighter brown “ties” contrasting in both color and texture. Made of low-fire ceramic (Cone 04), a brass fitting, polyvinyl tubing, and chemically inert glue.

This mug is handmade (not molded) and limited production, no more than 5 of these Pahu inspired puzzle mugs will be made depending on demand. Numbered #2/<6 (2 of less than 6), whether I make 2 or 5 the equation is still correct LOL

As a hand formed mug it has some natural irregularities and asymmetries.

Here is a demonstration of it in use https://youtu.be/xDq4Vw9vttU

Etsy listing - $100 - https://www.etsy.com/listing/1115116686/tiki-puzzle-mug-h?click_key=09282f79feba8510af6fa6f932f0d893e35d45d1%3A1115116686&click_sum=a9d3aab4&ref=shop_home_active_1&sca=1

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