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Cannibal Bowl Replica

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Cannibal Bowl REPLICA. The original Cannibal Bowls were used at the Ren Clark Polynesian Village in Fort Worth Texas in the 1960s and also a large version was served at the Mauna Loa in Mexico City. I don’t believe any of the original Bowls have surfaced.

Made from a Crate & Barrel ceramic cauldron, a poplar wood stand, chain, and a custom formed ceramic skull. Chains are attached with a sturdy nylon zip tie. Disassembles for storage and includes two cloth storage bags, one for the legs and skull peg, the other bag for the bowl, skull, & wooden platform. For permanent display, the legs could be attached to the platform with a few drops of wood glue.

The skull at the top is also a small mug. Use it for your favorite sipper rum or for a separate small drink.

Dimensions 9”x9” base, 16 inches tall. Cauldron holds 24 ounces comfortably, skull mug on top holds about 6 ounces.

Etsy Listing - $55 - https://www.etsy.com/listing/1107797820/cannibal-bowl-replica?click_key=53c7c586b8cb9fa75bec2ca16060f5fb94918981%3A1107797820&click_sum=ed0aaf76&ref=shop_home_active_2&sca=1

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