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Awakened from my BK slumber. For now

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Aloha friends old and new. A couple of recent builds came my way (still don’t know how they found me) and yanked me out of tiki retirement; since then my old ass is making a few things again.


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"I think it was manufactured locally... finest quality... superior workmanship." -- the Cambodian lady from "Blade Runner"


Well there's a name from the Olden Days! Welcome back! Super cool build.

Hey do you have any good tips for obtaining rope? Every time I go look for some, it's either super expensive or not the right "look".



Beautiful, love your work.

You haven’t skipped a beat!! Stuff looks amazing!!

Honestly, my only rope secret-I buy it at the flea market every chance I get. It’s used and old looking, cheaper, and sometimes you get 10 feet, sometimes you get 100. Usually I can accumulate a fair amount by the time the odd buildout comes along.


Nice stuff. That book looks cool going to see if the library has that one, do they still have libraries?

Maybe they are hard to find like Foxy Brown?

Oh, on the rope there was a post here long ago from a guy trying to sell a bunch of old rope and like nobody bit. You gotta buy that stuff when you see it where you see it, it's just getting hard to find a cheap price.

Those bumpers and floats take a lot of rope to make.

Hell yes they do! How are ya, Skip? Best lamp maker in tikidom!!

Skip I was yacking to Dave Hansen the other day and your name came up. Remembering the awesome goods you make!


Ha! back in the ol days. Man, we need the ol timers back like you and Benzart etc.

You are too kind, make more model planes and rockets than tiki these days. Maybe TC being back will kick everybody back into gear and tiki to waken from its slumber too.

You still got that girl was it nicky? We all sang in the phone to her at Coon Tiki to try and get you out of trouble.

Ha! Good times.


Noooooo Nicky…. Years ago. Kryptonite/Vietnam. Married to a wonderful woman now.

![](Uploading 95E03469-42DA-4EC2-9FD9-C6DFE3020B24.jpeg…)![](Uploading 5EF59246-A2D8-4973-8701-2EBF1ECBBA88.jpeg…)![](Uploading 1568CA0A-8262-439F-A46B-A72D3A3EA7FF.jpeg…)![](Uploading EB4C27A0-B303-4EAB-8A53-A0C7915DB9D3.jpeg…)

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No one comes close to the traditional flavor and stylings of your work my friend, no matter what the subject matter. Awesome new work.

![](Uploading 08B737F1-A918-4383-A571-015787E82D80.jpeg…)![](Uploading 30B684FC-87F4-40BE-A098-DF1D8F45913F.jpeg…)

These latest images don't show up for me, but GROG excited to have BK back.

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BK - after you upload the images it will say “uploading”, you can’t submit until they have uploaded otherwise they don’t show up.

awesome to see you and your stuff again, BK!


Damn I want to see the pics BK!

Do a repost and wait for the download this time.

foamy posted on Thu, Mar 30, 2023 9:55 AM

Just got back myself and glad to see your work! I like the direction you've taken (being a sailor and into naval/maritime history). Made my day!

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