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Tiki Slot Machine in Atlantic City......

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Hey what's shakin'......Just got back from Atlantic City N.J. and N.Y.C with the wahine. Stumbled across this killer slot machine in "Trump Plaza" on the boardwalk.....They had 4 of them. Alot of people were just standing around waiting to play them. Guess because they were sooooo cool. They played all this Jungle music when you would hit certain levels. The tiki man in the middle would climb up the ladder everytime you hit a bonus wheel. The girlfriend had a blast and played it for about 2 hours while I walked back and forth from the bar with the drinks. Just thought they were kinda cool and wanted to share.....


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That's really cool! I used to live in AC and they didn't have anything like that back then.

The California in Las Vegas (nice, but inappropriate name) needs to get some of that action.

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