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Saludos from Mexico City

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here. I used to stop by here from time to time before the site went down, but now it's back, I decided to finally make an account. Some of you may know me from the various tiki Facebook groups.

I'm originally from SE England; born and raised in the South London/Surrey suburbs, then lived in Brighton for a few years before moving to Mexico City in July 2014, where I've been based ever since. Started a Spanish-language tiki facebook group (La Cultura Tiki) in 2020 which has been steadily growing, and last year that led to me starting a DIY punk-style tiki fanzine (La Cultura Tiki Fanzine... original right?) which is now on its third issue and features contributions from people across Mexico and the wider Spanish-speaking world. My background is in History and I'm particularly focused on digging up and documenting 20th-century Mexican tiki/Polynesian pop, which remains relatively mysterious compared to its counterparts in many other countries.

Looking forward to sharing some stuff with you guys and learning plenty too. ¡Saludos!

fanzine mug

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