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Paul Page

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Any Paul Page collectors out there?

Heck yeah!!! Just wish there was more of his stuff available!!

I've managed to find 90% of his recordings over the years. Do you have any to sell or share?

i think i have 2 or 3 of his LPs, and {{can we mention back when vinyl sharity was ok on the internet? i have several through there [.mp3 format]}}

perhaps an album listing here might be helpful?

1940s When Sam Goes Back to Samoa / Paradise Music (Shellac, 10") Enterprise Record, 173, 174 1946

Kilroy Was Here / It's All Wicky Wacky In Hawaii ‎(Shellac, 10") Enterprise Record 175, 176 1946

Paul Page With The Masqueraders - Kilroy Was Here / My Prince Charming Is a Wolf ‎(Shellac, 10") Enterprise Record 231, 232 1946

Paul Page With The Masqueraders - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah / Soft And Low ‎(Shellac, 10") Enterprise Record 233, 234 1946

1950s Paul Page - Remember Waikiki / The Romance Polka PP-113 1952 Paradise Records 1952

You Are Virgo! / There's Something About September ‎(10", Tra) Astrology Records 6 1954 You Are Scorpio! / I Love November ‎(10", Tra) Astrology Records 8 1954 You Are Capricorn! / January Sanctuary ‎(10", Tra) Astrology Records 10 1954 You Are Aquarius! / January Sanctuary ‎(10", Tra) Astrology Records 11 1954 (Note: There are eight more of these horoscope discs out there)

Ramblin' Reno Gamblin' Man / Little Gal In Caliente ‎(7", Single) Paradise Records P2007 1955

Gold Are My Mem'ries / He's Always There ‎(7", Single) Paradise Records P2008 1955

The Holidays / Paul Page - It's Not The Heat, It's The Humidity / Dante's Inferno ‎(7") Gorgeous G213 1956

My Heart Is In Alaska / Alaska Versus Texas ‎(7") Paradise Records PM 111 1958

Pacific Paradise ‎(LP, Album) Paradise Records PM 86 1958

Hawaiian Honeymoon ‎(LP, Album) Paradise Records PM-69 1958

1960s Maui Chimes / Maui Mele ‎(7", Single) Paradise Records PM-169 1960

Let's Have A Luau (4 versions of the same album with different titles) Paradise Records 1963 - Ports O' Call - Pieces of Eight - Castaway

I Remember Blanding ‎(LP, Mono) Paradise Records PM-5469 1964

Christmas In Paradise / Christmas On The Beach In Waikiki ‎(7", Single) Paradise Records PM-102 1968

The Big Luau In The Sky / Pagoda Bells ‎(7", Single) Paradise Records PM 101 1968

The Big Island Says Aloha ‎(LP, Album) Paradise Records PM 8669 1969

1970s Paul Page's Passport To Paradise ‎(LP, Album) Paradise Records PR-8 1972

Cathy Foy With Paul Page's South Point Hawaiians - My Tropic Isle / One-Two-Three-Four ‎(7", Single) Paradise Records PM-C101 1976

George J. With Paul Page's South Point Hawaiians - Malia's Sultry Eyes / Hawaiian Nomad's Ode ‎(7", Single) Paradise Records PM-G101 1976

2010s Pacific Paradise Compilation 3 versions Subliminal Sounds 2018

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Paul Page

here is the 1 (!?) album i have on my iTunes 9 ( 8) ) , Pieces of Eight

so the 1963 album, when you say [quote]Let's Have A Luau 8 versions Paradise Records 1963[/quote] it was the same album released with 8 different titles? the ones i've seen are Ports O' Call and Pieces of Eight. was there a marketing scheme behind the multiple versions?

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Ports O Call and Pieces of Eight were among the restaurants where Paul Page performed. So I'm venturing the guess that each album as released based on the places he was playing (or at lease some of the title variations appear to be so). Great marketing idea.

Indeed they were. We've been to Pieces of Eight (in whatever incarnation it's been called), but not Castaway, The Reef, or Ports O' Call. The POE building is still there and the entrance and gardens are still impressive.

rupe33 posted on Mon, May 9, 2022 9:24 AM

A recent reissue compilation called "Pacific Paradise" is still available, even on red vinyl!

More info: https://paulpage.bandcamp.com/album/pacific-paradise

thx rupe, guess wot - i bought the red vinyl album (shocker!)

I helped put that compilation together. You'll find me (Blair Frodelius) listed in the credits.

"the treasure I once.. castaway..." Ordered as well. thx for the link.

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