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This is the current space, which was a pandemic buildout of the garage in the house we bought in Jan 2020. It is about to undergo a pretty substantial change as I extract the home theater (which my son wanted, but he's off to college so too bad kiddo), and install a proper bar, and my recently acquired PNG collection. But sharing nonetheless, as it will be interesting to update it as it progresses! Empty GarageTiki Bar 01Tiki Bar 02

I remember seeing some of your progress posts on FB as you built out the temple wall. The space looks amazing! What approach did you take to your faux window?

Amazing space. Definitely needs more pics, finished and progress shots. Cheers

That first picture is great, is that you sending him off to school?


Agree, more photos please

Thanks, everyone--here's more pics from the early parts of the build.IMG_9475IMG_9502IMG_9553IMG_9585IMG_9600IMG_9735IMG_9738IMG_9781IMG_9812IMG_9925IMG_9934IMG_0711IMG_0422IMG_0757

When I return home next month the plan is to get rid of the fixed movie screen and build shelf unit and a 6' freestanding bar along there. I may install an electric drop down screen to have the option of watching movies there (but the bar might also block the wall too much, so TBD.

I'll also be replacing some of the wall art with the PNG pieces I acquired. I'm also planning to replace the reed with proper bamboo, and I have some ideas for hanging tiki lights. Last project is to install A/C and heat, as it is in our garage which can get very hot in summer and cold in winter.

It never ends, right?

What a fantastic transformation! Love it!

Pages: 1 6 replies