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Celebrating classic and modern Polynesian Pop

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Wow, postin on TC...wow...

I was cruising around on the Internet looking for breeze block and came apron this image. I looked in the TC archives (hopefully the right way), and couldn't find any reference. Is this image from a real place? Its a cool image...


Hi Babalu,

Yes, that's from the Kapu Kai in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Here's link to a larger thread on the location, which includes that photo:


The photo was also featured prominently in this book: bk_concrete_screen_block01

...which names this particular pattern series of breeze block as "SATEL-LITE".


Very COOL Sabu!! Good to feel your presence brother!

hmmm, okay, obviously, my original post is redundant now that Sabu pointed out what nest my image fell out of. Or, should have fallen into.

Is it possible to clean this thread off the board?

That, my friend, is from the Kapu Kai bowling alley in Cucamonga. The entire front was done in those breeze blocks. There is an extensive thread on TC on the place.


Kapu Kai PC

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