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A Chant About the Beauty of the Moon at Night: Hawaiian Steel Guitar Masters 1913​-​1921

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This should interest most of you. I am not affiliated with this in any way.



A Chant About the Beauty of the Moon at Night: Hawaiian Steel Guitar Masters 1913​-​1921

A collection of rare original recordings, unheard for over a century, of captivating Hawaiian steel guitar music that influenced the first generation of Delta blues and country artists, changing the sound of music forever. Ghostly transmissions from paradise, beamed across time from a lost century, carefully remastered and restored with extensive historical notes & rare photos.

Predating the craze for kitschy Westernized “hot” Hawaiian music, the raw recordings here represent the original sounds of the Hawaiian islands that took America by storm in the early years of the 20th century. In 1893 the native Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown by US-backed business interests. Fleeing a repressive regime that even banned the Hawaiian language itself, hundreds of native Hawaiian musicians emigrated to the United States. In a few short years they had conquered America, as audiences flocked by the millions to hear native Hawaiian musicians perform anti-colonial protest songs of Hawaiian independence while playing a unique new Hawaiian invention: the steel guitar.

By 1916 Hawaiian music was the bestselling genre of recorded music in United States. From the biggest cities to the most isolated rural towns, millions of Americans flocked to see touring...

released March 31, 2022

Thanks for this!

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