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The Luau, San Diego

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Name: The Luau Type: Tiki Bar Street: 7123 El Cajon Blvd City: San Diego State: CA Zip: 92115 country: USA Phone: (619)467-7334 Status:operational


Newly opened tiki bar in the La Mesa/College East area of San Diego near Terra American Bistro at El Cajon and 71st. I did not have high expectations when I went but those expectations were exceeded. Nice patio in the back, nicely decorated bar, reasonably good drinks (despite pineapple in the Mai Tai) and even a tribute to Steven Crane's Luau in Beverly Hills. I will attempt to attach a few pictures.

![](Uploading 20220326_173136.jpg…)![](Uploading 20220326_173145.jpg…)![](Uploading 20220326_173205.jpg…)![](Uploading 20220326_173214.jpg…)![](Uploading 20220326_173235.jpg…)![](Uploading 20220326_173257.jpg…)![](Uploading 20220326_173608.jpg…)

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I've been there twice now and really enjoyed the place. The owner is super enthusiastic. I hope it does well.

Hamo posted on Wed, Sep 28, 2022 6:59 PM

I was at the Luau on the Sunday of Tiki Oasis and took a few pictures before I left. You can tell that I had been drinking at False Idol beforehand, too....



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