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"Aloha Fridays" on WFMU

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MrFab posted on Tue, Apr 5, 2022 10:38 AM

Well gee whiz, Tiki Central went kaput before I had a chance to hep you all to the loony luaus we was throwin' over at WFMU's "Sheena's Jungle Room" stream:


Each three-hour episode was hosted by a different DJ, but they all brought the EZ/tiki/lounge/Space-Age/exotic/lowbrow sounds. It ended a year ago, but we are planning on bringing it back as a summer season this year.

Free to listen! Don't need to register, just click n play.

The Sheena's posse hosted a dance party at last years' San Diego Tiki Oasis, feat. Ursula1000 (as well as DJ Shangri-La from NYC, and yours truly throwing out WFMU swag to lucky folks.) Had a great time, and met a number of you lovely people. Thanks for coming out!


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