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Maui 2022

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Did a trip to Maui last week and thought I'd share our experience for other travelers.

Got a Mustang convertible, it was fun. Sixt rental car is substantially less expensive than anyone else (but still $1,000+ for the week). The Mustang from Sixt was the same price as a pregnant roller skate from Avis. Did AirBnB condo in Kihei on the south west coast. Nice location with plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Pretty hard to find a decently balanced Tiki cocktail on the island, I think that is common with most tourist areas. We stopped at the South Shore Tiki Lounge in Kihei - more of a beach bar than a classic Tiki bar but still fun.

Sights and activities - We were able to cover most of the major sights of the island in a week, we didn't make it to the Haleakula volcano summit. La Perouse Bay in the far south west is the site of the last lava flow about 800 years ago. Very rugged and remote with not many people. Kayaking and snorkeling at Makena Landing. Maui Ocean Center aquarium was nice. Lahaina on the north west for shopping and a sunset dinner cruise with whale watching (November-April). Drove up to Nakalele Blowhole on the rugged north coast. Horseback riding at Mendes Ranch also on the north coast. Visited Iao Valley, site of a major battle in the unification of the Hawaiian Islands. The "Road to Hana" drive is amazing. about 40 miles of hairpin turns through some of the wettest climate on earth. Lush vegetation with another waterfall around every turn. 50 something one-lane bridges to cross - if you are a nervous passenger you might want to take a Xanax first LOL Lots of places to stop - botanical gardens, waterfalls and swimming holes, roadside food and fruit stands, lava tubes, etc. Did the Luau at Aldaz, it was nicely done and offered a variety of great food.

I highly recommend the GyPSy Guide app for your phone. Guided audio tour that pairs with the GPS and your stereo. Give directions, tells you sights to see, and plenty of history of the island. Well worth the 14 bucks

I won't bore you with all the pics but here are a select few. 277795173_3280434805534953_4282613649376302174_n Beach in Kehei across from our condo


277980574_3280435408868226_2067108296897092174_n Road to Hana

277763162_3280435508868216_5355047041365037274_n One of the many waterfalls

278003039_3280435235534910_2469123942617576124_n Ruggedly beautiful north coast

278007611_3280435558868211_2571810882308146447_n Lava Tube

278020135_3280435032201597_4100253822781396718_n Picked up a little rum there ;)

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Thanks for the tips & pics. Some day I'll have to venture back to that island.

Mike, very nice!

Was supposed to go to Hawaii this February, but between a COVID surge and my father passing, my mother and I obviously cancelled.

I'm glad someone got to go. More pictures, please, Mike!

Kat, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad :( I'm not much of a picture taker but I will look when I get home and see what else I can find.

kat, here's a few more pics for you

Aldaz Luau (5) Aldaz Luau (7) Aldaz Luau

Iao Valley (11) Iao Valley

Nakalele Blowhole Nakalele Blowhole

Road To Hana Huli Huli Stand Huli Huli Stand

Road To Hana Lava Tube 01 Lava Tube

Turtle Town Makena 04 Turtle Town/Makena Beach


Thank you for the pictures, and thank you for your condolences. It has been... a lot to deal with.

My mother and I spoke last night about the possibility of Hawaii this year, but decided the logistics were too complicated.

She has a surgery coming up in the early fall so we're thinking I'll go back to help her, then she will come back to Japan with me and we'll go to Okinawa instead.

Maybe 2023?

[ Edited by SouthSeasKat on 2022-04-26 18:02:29 ]

I hear Okinawa is beautiful too. Best wishes Kat

I really enjoyed seeing your trip to Maui. You planned it so well. Time to save up for your next adventure! Keep them coming. Wendy

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